Tuesday, 21 May 2013 17:45

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 v.2.2

Written by Lilit Asatryan
UPDATE! B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 v.2.2 UPDATE! B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 v.2.2

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider is a great tool to showcase your images on your Joomla! website!

As you may know, it was developed by B2J developer Ash within the scope of Aquarius template! It is also showcasing images in our latest template's home – Food Mood, with its fantastic effects and smooth loading!

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider has got cool layer effects and many amazing features! The base for the development of this module was B2J Image Showcase for K2, so it has inherited all its core functions.

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 has got all the following:

Re-sizable Image and Thumbs,
jQuery conflict plugin,
iPhone & Android Swipe Touch.
It is super customizable via Module Backend and has cross browser compatibility. B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 has two modes: Full width and Responsive Modes. 


After some magic touches by our smart developer Ash, it has acquired many amazing features. So now, our amazing B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2:

is Joomla! 3 ready,
is Fully Responsive,
has got two new presets: Albumen & FoodMood,
has quality setting for thumbnail cache to decrease the load time and page weight and more. 

Check it out for yourself and if you want to see more features, suggest! We did not pass by your posts in the forum, so some minor bugs were fixed as well!


Want to see this module in action? Check out the Demo!


Leave Your feedback in our forum! It counts! 


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