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2012 - A great J! year for Bang2Joom

Written by Gev
B2J in J! numbers

2012 has been a great Joomla! year for Bang2Joom!

As the core of our present team formed at the beginning of July, when we moved to our new office, we have managed to accomplish the following so far. To make it visually explicit, I will demonstrate everything in numbers.

And this is just the beginning :)

Here are some photostrips highlighting our Joomla! year.

Bang2Joom becoming part of Joomla! community A glance back at some important parts of Bang2Joom's Joomla! year

Within this short period of time, we have signed a contract with Smart Traffic from UK for the online promotional technique - SEO to enhance and reach a lot of J! users eager to try our products. Bang2Joom has also started using the Pro package of Kommento by Stack Ideas in our templates, thus becoming partners. Our blogs ( you are here ) are now automatically crawled and displayed on hub pages of thempartner's website.

"You guys have published some cool and original content!" tweets ThemePartner.

We as well have our J! extensions available on Getk2 (K2), Joomla! Extensions Directory, and Virtuamart. Oh yeah, don't forget to check them out! ;) We got our first award! B2J was chosen as the website with the Best Design and Usability in Armenia! As we look ahead to 2013, we want to have more positive impact on Joomla! community in the coming year. We do hope to get connected with others in J! community who share same passion for Joomla! as we do.

Bang2Joom family

B2J family goes to have a blessed New Year!

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of where things stand. 2012 definitely has been productive and valuable year! It also has been a year of forming a nice little (just for now) Joomla! community, family that has still got a lot to achieve. We are so different, yet so alike! We are all individuals having our own thoughts and views on life, maybe even different lifestyles, but we have merged into one big family – Bang2Joom Joomla! family! We have shared some ups and downs, we laughed, we succeeded, we got mad – but we did this all together and with Joomla! in our minds. As the name "Bang2Joom", we, the little bubbles, have come to fill into Bang2Joom family and made it bigger. Joomla! Wait up! We are now speeding your way – our big bubble family!

"One thing that unites all these accomplishments is the commitment, dedication and love for Joomla that B2J guys possess, as none of these goals would have been possible without Bang2Joom great team! As the year passes we want to thank everyone for their support, be it online or offline. Thanks all those that joined our Joomla! path to cooperate with us! Thanks all our J! users, we are going to make 2013 a great one for you! And finally thanks for the motivation, Joomla! We love Bang2Joom! We love Joomla! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Joomla! addicts around the globe!"

With Joomla! love
Bang2Joom Joomadelics!

P.S. B2J support team will be back after the holidays!



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