Monday, 25 February 2013 01:30

2013’s first J! Humble Bundle by JoomlArt & Bang2Joom

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: 2013’s first J! Humble Bundle by JoomlArt & Bang2Joom Bang2Joom blog: 2013’s first J! Humble Bundle by JoomlArt & Bang2Joom
2013 started and it is pacing this way in crazy speed! A special hot deal, giving you a chance to benefit from the two Joomla! clubs' great products - all in one bundle just for you!

If at this point you are thinking: "What the heck is Joomla! Humble Bundle?" Read on!

Have you ever watched the movie "Pay it forward"? If the answer is yes, then you will get the idea in a minute or so. Alternatively, you are welcome to check our previous blog on J! Humble Bundle!

Pay it forward - Support Joomla!

Joomla! Humble Bundle is based on the initial Humble Bundle idea! Awesome sales by Joomla! templates, extensions and services providers to help get more funding for the Joomla! project!

By becoming a Joomla! Bundle buyer, you are able to pick your deal and name your price! So, simply get what you want and pay what you want! This is also a great way for Joomla! lovers to closely tie their J! friendship within a great community and for a great cause!

Joomla! Humble Bundle by Bang2Joom and JoomlArt!!

The first Joomla! Humble Bundle in 2013! Spring comes with Joomla! blossoms!

Don't miss this great deal - only 10 days starting really soon!

JoomlArt: JATC 1 year standard membership for $70
Bang2Joom: All-in-one commercial bouquet - Alfheim($15), Wooden Wall($15), Aquarius($35), B2J Aquarius Layer Slider($12), B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO($12), B2J Aquarius Product Zoom PRO ($18) all this worth $107.

So basically, simple Math shows $107 (Bang2Joom) adding $70 (JoomlArt) equals to $177. Now, here is when you feel the Joomla! love – Get this J! Humble Bundle worth $177 at as low as $40-$60!

Excited? Check on Joomla! Humble Bundle's official page for updates or follow our blog to stay connected with Joomla! Community!

Post Scriptum: Back in December when I was writing a blog about Joomla! Humble Bundle, deep in my heart I was hoping that 2013 is going to be a great one for Bang2Joom and it certainly is! We are part of this great project – the first Joomla! Humble Bundle in 2013 with JoomlArt, having our input in Joomla! community and sharing the Joomla! love!!


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