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2014 Brings Great Joomla Changes

Written by Gev
Recent Joomla Updates in 2014

Joomla 2014 has been full of updates. Joomla new version has been updated and there have been great changes and additions to the Marketing and Community Leadership teams.

Joomla! 3.2.2 Released

The latest Joomla version release - Joomla3.2.2 came with many bug fixes. The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team worked hard to make this happen! A round of applause to you all!

If the current Joomla version on your website is Joomla 3.2, then think about updating it with a one click here.

What makes Joomla 3.2.2 unique and distinguishable from others? Here we go:

over 30 different volunteer contributors,
over 55 bugs have been resolved with the 3.2.2 release of the Joomla! CMS.

Feel like joining?

Get in touch with the Joomla! Community Development Manager, David Hurley, to know how exactly you can contribute. If you know how, then feel free to join the Joomla! Bug Squad to help with sorting out bug reports, coding patches, testing and more! Be part of an international team of Joomla professionals and enhance your J! knowledge.

The Marketing Team - Updated!

Updated Marketing Team gives hope on a better Joomla marketing. Here are the bright minds: Team Lead Jessica Dunbar, brand manager Chiara Aliotta and Strategic Marketing Manager Parth Lawate, and great representatives from Joomla Leadership Teams: Joe Sonne (OSM), Ruth Cheesly (CLT) and David Hurley (PLT) make the TEAM! We are all very hopeful about the future of Joomla with these skilled professionals.

Jessica is the Director of Marketing at Anything Digital and, will now on make sure that the Marketing Team is motivated and is using its full potential. As from her social media, Jessica also manages to find time for her beautiful family. A truly great example of a woman in tech who manages her roles ideally.

Chiara is an Italian designer who founded Until Sunday agency. Chiara’s role in the marketing team is to make sure that the Joomla brands are communicated clearly. Ben Venuti Chiara! If you are following Chiara on Twitter, you have probably noticed her wearing her artistic hat!

Parth is the co-founder & CEO of Techjoomla and also standing at the roots of Joomla back in Mambo says, he is also a co-founder of Joomla Day India. If you are taking active part in many Joomla Events, then you have probably listened to this smart guy’s speeches.

And three mighty add-ons to this group are Joe Sonne, an Open Source Matters Representative, Ruth Cheesley - Community Leadership Team Representative and David Hurley - Production Leadership Team Representative. Good luck to all of you!

Community Leadership Team – Updated!

The wave of updates this time came across the Community Leadership Team as well. There have been over 30 nominated members and here are the lucky ones who have been interviewed and accepted to the CLT.

Alice Grevet

Alice is Co-Lead Editor on the Joomla! Community Magazine. With a huge background and skill-set behind, Alice is a great example to every woman in Joomla community. I always make sure to read her blog posts on the Joomla Magazine.

David Jardin

David joined the Bug Squad in 2012. He also co-founded the CMS-Garden project. David has been actively co-organizing the Joomla Day Germany and J and Beyond conferences.

Dianne Henning

It’s been 9 years since Dianne is an active Joomla user. It was in 2010 when she started to actively contribute to Joomla community. Dianne is the Co-Lead Editor of the Joomla! Community Magazine with Alice Grevet. She is also involved in organizing different Joomla events and the Joomla World Conferences.

Peter Bui

Peter is the voice of Joomla! His Joomla Beat Podcast is the ideal place to listen to the recent Joomla news on your way to the office. And to all those addicted to food, be sure to friend or follow Peter on social media platforms, because he posts some amazing pictures of food from his homeland, Australia.

Congrats to 4 of you! And we are really proud to have you as Community Leadership Team members.

We are sure that these new positive waves of change in Joomla will bring about some new ones in 2014!

All good is yet to come! Rock on, Joomla!


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