Tuesday, 25 February 2014 01:30

8 Top Chrome Add-Ons For Web Developers And Designers

Written by Ani Avdalyan
8 Top Chrome Add-Ons For Web Developers And Designers

Nowadays, due to increasing competitiveness, web browsers offer more and more new features that can really make users’ lives easier. However, to utilize the power of different browsers to the fullest, we need something more. That’s when extensions may be helpful.

A wide range of browsers' add-ons is a saving grace, especially for those users who work with web pages, like Web Designers and Web Developers.

There are thousands of extensions available by now, thus, to make your choosing easier, we created this short list of most essential must-have add-ons, which are effectively used by our Devs and Designers. Here they are!

#1. Eye Dropper

This is a simple, yet useful tool to pick colors from any web page with just a click. More, it allows you to keep a history and easily revert to any color picked before. "Eye Dropper" is a must-have for both Devs and Designers. This is how it works!

Bang2Joom Colors

#2. What Font?

"What Font?" is an awesome tool for inspecting fonts. Just hover on any text and identify the used font immediately. No more searching through endless code for an answer!


#3.Palette for Chrome

Whenever you want to create color palettes and combinations that match images from any website, use this smart tool. All you have to do is right click on image =>select "Palette For Chrome"=>choose number of colors in the palette. Look how we selected perfect palette with colors matching the icon of B2J Calendar.
Inspirational and so easy!


#4.Responsive Inspector

The world has gone mobile and full responsiveness of web sites is a must. "Responsive Inspector" may be helpful to web developers while checking the responsiveness of the site’s design. It allows viewing media queries of web sites, showing resolutions reflected in CSS stylesheets. Besides, it has many other additional features to make developers’ lives easier.


Ignoring SEO today can be really dangerous. If you want to build an effective web-presence, you should consider SEO. "Mozbar" will help you to save your time while analyzing key SEO metrics, comparing different websites in terms of SEO and during web site optimization.

Bang2Joom Seo Analysis

It’s no secret, that web design and web development professionals have extremely many things to do and most of their tasks are time consuming. In this situation, every little trick can make a difference. Therefore, we want to consider some more extensions, which, despite being created for mere mortals, can help devs and designers own their valuable time better.

#6.Last Pass

"LastPass" is a personal data manager. Just save all your usernames, passwords, telephone and credit card numbers and any other data to LastPass and it will automatically login you on any website or storefront checkout. Secure data storing, ability to sync data wherever you need it and simplicity of using make this extension a must-have. The only thing you have to remember now is your LastPass master password.

#7. goo.gl URL Shortener

"goo.gl URL Shortener" is a simple extension to help you to shorten current website's URL with one click.


Summing up, we want to recommend you "AdBlock". This popular add-on will make you enjoy your experience while surfing the web. It blocks absolutely all advertisements on any website you visit, keeping you away from distraction and saving your nerves!

Do you use any of these extensions? Are there any other must-haves we missed? Don’t forget to share your valuable experience with us!