Wednesday, 04 September 2013 16:26

A Catchy Blog Picture Matters

Written by Gev
A Catchy Blog Picture Matters

Did you know that there is a hidden message in every picture you see? Indeed, if you get the message secretly hidden in the image, you already know what the writer of the blog intended to tell you in 596 words which you are about to read. There are many tips and tricks to know when it comes to content. What is having a decent blog picture worth? Today, I will try to open up some tips concerning what a catchy blog image should have to be an eye candy for your visitors and to make them read your blog.

Science, my brain and the blog picture


My brain reads information visually most of the time. This being said, it will approximately take me around 0.02 of a second to get the idea of the visual information in front of me.


Which road signs do you remember the most? The ones with less text and more graphic, right? You would not be even able to grasp all the text as you are driving by, but you will certainly see a nice symbol, an image which you will interpret in no time.


When it comes to content, things differ, however, just a bit. What did you do when you first clicked on this blog post? Did you grasp the image first or the title? I bet most of you saw the image and only then read the title. And this is just the beginning. How about the plot of the blog itself? How many of you read it till the end if there is no picture or visually correct coherence is presented? Yes, that's what I thought! Having bullets, paragraphs, bold, italics and underlined words which are some kind of visual interpretation besides just being plain texts, make you digest the blog easily.


It is crucially important to have that first good impression and your picture is the first to give that impression. Go out of your way do the impossible to catch your reader's eye and get him/her engaged in the topic you want to deliver.


Images can inspire us


Next comes emotions. A catchy blog picture can and will produce various emotions in you and me; they can inspire us and can frustrate us.


Colour is one of the important features of an image. Depending on the color pallets of the picture, you may get interested, excited, or upset. And this is when your web design skills step in. Be careful when picking a color! Keep the intent of your article in mind and choose a proper color vibe to go with your blog. Also, be very attentive when combining two or more colours.


Summing up, a catchy blog image matters.


The web is indeed becoming more visual. The most distinct examples are such popular image-focused social media platforms as Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr or the rise of the immense use of Infographics.


Whether you are using images to attract attention, to elicit some emotions, or simply to let your reader know the message you want to drive home, make an effort to have a great one!


It's true, content is the reason people often come to your blog, however, choosing the best possible image which totally reflects your content is vital. You can tackle very important issues, talk about the smartest things on the Earth, have the most compelling and audience-focused blog post ever, but mind, your image will always reach your audience in a way your text cannot.


All told, a catchy blog picture adds a spice to your content, so make sure it tastes as good as it looks!