Thursday, 04 October 2012 18:26

A peek at our office life

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Office life at Bang2Joom Bang2Joom Blog: Office life at Bang2Joom
Life at Bang2Joom is super crazy at times, yet definitely worth being a part of!

Here is a glimpse at what a typical day involves...

It starts with a morning coffee buzz in the kitchen to wake up the sleepy heads... then, somehow chilled, we get on with our usual routine... Lunch time comes around when someone gets hungry enough to make a noise and tempt everyone to join. Friendly faces in our cafeteria are always there to welcome us. Yay! Finally FOOD!!! Plenty to eat and a great variety to choose... mmmm delicioso! (as Italians would say ) ... Back to work, back to HARD work followed by great chillin' music and there you have it - the muses are at our office...

Joomla! is the hottest open source CMS over here at Bang2Joom's office for sure! Joomla! is embedded in many aspects of our everyday life in the office; we breath, eat and work with Joomla! on our minds.

The designers are deciding upon a new design for our Joomla! template, the developers are arguing their heads off to get a solution for some coding for our Joomla! modules, the marketing manager is doing research on the latest Joomla! market, the content manager is trying to find some trending keywords for this article, and the project manager is running around the office trying to find solution for every single bug. And just at the doors the footsteps of our director can be heard ... He enters the room with ... CANDIES!

How cool is the office life at Bang2Joom?!
As you can see everyone is inspired and fully energized to work, to create, to express!


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