Wednesday, 14 November 2012 19:34

Alfheim is on the way…

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: B2J first K2 template Bang2Joom Blog: B2J first K2 template
B2J guys are a half way to finishing up the coding on our second template which is B2J first K2 template! This is how the idea sprang.

Starting line

One of our designers, Hovo, had a dream. He was in the palace of the god Frey, in the homeland of the elves of light, located on the highest level of the Norse universe.... Oh wait, wait that's another story.

Back to reality! Well, this talented guy just clicked on the Photoshop icon, then he opened the 960 grid and this is how it really started. Hovo designed a template keeping the features of minimalism.

Bang2Joom team was so enthusiastic about this template that a great guy, Adrian Sommeling, accepted our wish to use his creative and impressive works on our template. Sure, Adrian had managed to surf our website and have an idea of who we are. A Big Thanks to this great photographer!

Codes, codes, codes....

After the design was ready, B2J developers had a glance and said: "Yeah, dude, we need to bring this template to life". So B2J developers Arm and Bgo got Alfheim going! B2J all-powerful-guy Gevorg aka Gev joined B2J developers, and the template is pacing to our direction in full speed!

Alfheim and all its charms

As a K2 template, Alfheim has got full K2 integration which includes, but is not limited to, 3 style blog layout, tab listing, search listing and date listing.

All in all, this B2J K2 template is a blend of Joomla!, K2 and B2J core modules! Alfheim has also got the amazing component Komento – a comment extension for Joomla! by stackideas.

In alfheim you will find all the principal features mentioned below:

SEO friendly

Clean code

Super lightweight

B2J K2 template Alfheim is built on Twitter Bootstrap, a great package which has already won trusts of many users, such as Google, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Barack Obama, Mercedes-Benz, Creative Commons, Australia Post and many others.

By the way Hovo was the one who named this template alfheim ("elf home"). It is one of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. Hmm, maybe his dream was not a dream at all...who knows?!.


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