Friday, 01 February 2013 01:30

B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO 2 is out!

Written by Gev
B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO 2 is out!
It's been almost two months since we have released B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO and... Wow! It has definitely won trust of many users! A lot of different feedback: some suggesting improvements, the others pointing out some bugs! Thanks everyone!

Guess what? They weren't left unnoticed!

It's high time we released the B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO 2!

For those of you who have no idea about this amazing module here is a background info for you! Jump in to B2J Alfheim Gallery Pro's page on our website to have a closer look at it.

B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO

With the help of the Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO, the user not only has a tight control over the flow of images filtered by K2 tags, but has additional options to choose in how these images appear to the viewer.

Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO is really easily customizable and fully compatible with Joomla! 2.5. It has got a multi-browser functionality and image swipe effect for touchscreens.

Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO opens the original image in a light box with all thumbnails beneath it on image click. They take the appearance of a bunch of photos allowing you to flip or swipe through them as you would in real life. The flipping effect looks like ebay's iPad application and can be used on all platforms, with amazing effect on touchscreens.

Bang2Joom is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO 2 packed with new features and enhancements!

B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO 2

Major new feature of B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO 2 includes social Integration! You may now like, share and tweet each K2 item. The user can enable/disable light box link and K2 links from backend. Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO 2 has got a light box information button displaying info (title, description, tags) for every single item. It has also got a color variation tab to change the color of your module per your website design. It now has full support for iOS devices! Also, being responsive it has got a swipe on first view option and many more for you to discover! There are a lot of other new features and bug fixes that I won't get into detail at the moment. Test yourself and see what's new! If you have any questions or requests, please, feel free to submit a ticket, post in a forum or just comment to give us a feedback and motivate for more!

B2J Alfheim Gallery PRO 2 is now available for download!

We are really proud of the new release and hope you enjoy it!


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