Monday, 18 February 2013 19:27

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider Released!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: B2J Aquarius Layer Slider Released! Bang2Joom blog: B2J Aquarius Layer Slider Released!

Ready for a good top showcase slider? Here it is!

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider is fully responsive Joomla! layer slider for K2!




Designed by Bang2Joom designer Mher Galstyan (read about B2J designers in our blog), it got neatly developed by B2J senior developer Ashot Vardanyan.
This module is a great addition developed for our coming template Acquarius! Stay tuned for more news about Aquarus(Check B2J templates for more).

Fantastic effects out of the box, fast loading time, background images while loading, easy configuration and more and more. Use this beautiful Joomla slider on your home page to showcase your products. With fully responsive B2J Aquarius Layer Slider, your images will be previewed with various cool layer effects.



Features and more

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider is based on B2J Image Showcase for K2, thus it inherits its core functionalities.
This module for K2 has also got re-sizable Image and Thumbs, jQuery conflict plugin and is 100% customizable via Module Backend. B2J Aquarius Layer Slider makes use of jQuery and CSS Animation. With the help of the B2J Aquarius Layer Slider, you can choose to enable iPhone & Android Swipe Touch. This module gets easily installed in your Joomla! website. It has got Full width and Responsive Modes.



This jQuery based B2J Aquarius Layer Slider for K2 is compatible with:

- Joomla 2.5 version
- The following browsers (IE9+ , Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari)


Special Easing and various transitions are to be added.


Want to see more features? Your feedback counts! Leave a post suggesting your desired features in our forum and Bang2Joom team will try to make it happen for the next update!



B2J Aquarius Layer Slider with its super friendly backend and amazing design is a great tool to showcase your images on your Joomla! website! So take a moment and have a look at this amazing module for K2.

Give B2J Aquarius Layer Slider a try and let us know how it works for you!


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