Friday, 22 February 2013 01:30

B2J Aquarius template launched!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: B2J Aquarius template B2J launched! Bang2Joom blog: B2J Aquarius template B2J launched!
This week was really heated at Bang2Joom's office. We had all this code development going on with crazy developers, designers yelling that something needs to be corrected! All in all, we survived, (looking around as I write; just making sure everyone is safe and sound). So the main reason for all the buzz at the office for this week was our new template – the B2J Aquarius with the two of its great extras coming along.

B2J Aquarius

So, the start of the week was announced by releasing one of our great extras made for Aquarius template - jQuery based B2J Aquarius Layer Slider module for K2!

Today, we have our great new template ready to release with all its amazing extras! Applauses! Here comes the fully responsive B2J Aquarius template which is a professional ecommerce template for redSHOP! Its appealing minimalistic design immediately catches one's eyes and its great and easy-to-use features makes you want to try it more. This template has got simple customization and is great to start an online webstore. Mher's fantastic design was nicely realized by B2J developer Bagrat (aka Bgo).

Aquarius with its extras

B2J Aquarius was not just meant to come alone - it also brought with it Bang2Joom's custom made module and plugin: B2J Aquarius Layer Slider and...tadadadaam! B2J Aquarius Product Zoom! A full Joomla! package to make you happy!

With the help of the jQuery based B2J Aquarius Product Zoom plugin for Virtuemart and redSHOP, the Joomla! users are able to magnify an image to have a more detailed view of the image. B2J Aquarius Product Zoom for VM and redSHOP is a super customizable plugin. It has got responsive layout for mobile and iPad/iPhone touch. B2J Aquarius Product Zoom displays zoom box wherever you locate it: left, right, top, bottom. And finally it is compatible with Joomla 2.5+ versions.

Here is a great gift from Bang2Joom to all J! users! Get our hottest offer now – B2J Aquarius template with the B2J Aquarius Layer Slider and the B2J Aquarius Product Zoom at a great price - just $35!

Spend your weekend exploring this great new package from B2J!

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