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B2J Design Squad

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: B2J Design Squad Bang2Joom blog: B2J Design Squad
Bang2joom design has always been based on the simplicity and the functionality. Our design roots combined with many years of production experience in interior/exterior design and a passion for great design have made Bang2Joom known for its unique style, high quality and functionality in the Joomla! World mostly in the past few months.

A few, selected designers, who are true to the Bang2Joom and have created fine, innovative designs with international appeal, form Bang2Joom Design Squad... Meet B2J designers and learn more about them.

Mher Galstyan (soundsurfer)

Mher is an Audio Addict and Windsurfing and Snowboarding Fanatic (caution: is in a completely other world when listening to music)! With a tally of 621 ex-girlfriends behind him, he's a real heart-eater, and as a hot chilli fire breather is an Animal by insticts and by nature.

Now listening to Summer madness - Kool and The Gang

If you tell Mher you are gonna take all that he has, but he can choose to leave some items, he is sure to choose his music equipments and headphones. He has really long arms and can reach what most people cannot - He is always in need of space. Mher became doubly-insane after returning from Bali. His dream is to go and live there and never come back.

Mher doesn't distinguish himself from nature and says that he lives as one with Mother Nature - a contestor with Tarzan for Lord of the Apes. He himself sees as an animal and has a great affinity to elephants. Mher's life has changed a lot since trying something special, he says, as if a key to an unknown dimension has been presented and his emotions and feelings and everything has changed.

Mher is the designer of and is currently in the process of creating B2J new template.

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Edgar Mkrtchyan (Edog)

"A warrior thinks of death when things become unclear. The idea of death is the only thing that tempers our spirit." Carlos Castaneda

Now listening to We Share Our Mother's Health - The Knife

Snowboarding enthusiast, various music genres listener, Quantum mechanics lover, family man, loving husband, dad of a true angel, design geek, dribble account owner )))), the obsessed user of the word "целевая аудитория" [tzelevaya ahoodeetoreeyah] ( Russian for target audience") This dude sings his "bu-wa-wa-wa chu-wa-wa-wa" songs and dubstep beatboxing non-stop and LOUD! )))) He is the designer of Bang2Joom's first template - The B2J Wooden Wall.

Bang2Joom is a place for Edog to embrace his creativity and passion for design!

Last updated status on Facebook: All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.

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Hovhannes Fahradyan (Hovo)

You can't buy happiness - steal it!!

Now listening to Herbie Hancock - Doin' It

Music lover (mostly jazz), Major Cinephile, Global History Buff, active Drinkaholic ))) Photoshop geek, artist behind most blog post pics' (Thank you Hovo) and the most subdued and truly tolerant guy in the Bang2Joom design squad.

Hovo finds himself constantly observing the world around him. Nature and people inspire him the most and he enjoys translating these inspirations through his designs. Hovo designed our best seller template so far: B2J Alfheim template. Last updated status on Facebook: smart marketing)) 582269 4913278466048 819962119 n 1 Find Hovhannes Fahradyan on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and LinkedIn!

B2J design is demonstrated in simplicity, functionality, elegance, and humour. Our designers are truly gifted – they are able to effectively combine form, appearance, and practicality! B2J designs are always innovative and surprising.

The B2J Design Squad, born with unique, fashion forward design aesthetics bring an all-encompassing approach to the Joomla! marketplace with a fresh, in-trend design perspective.

P.S. The Bang2Joom Design Squad is open for collaboration for Joomla! users. You give us an idea for your company's website, we design!


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