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B2J Extras - #J3R3ADY!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: B2J Extras - J3R3ADY! Bang2Joom blog: B2J Extras - J3R3ADY!
This past week was full of codes, codes and codes. Any guess on what was going on? Yes, updates!

Bang2Joom's skilled programmers have been busy updating some of our most popular extensions so our users working with Joomla 3 are able to use our amazing features. The first lucky B2J extensions that got updated and are now compatible with Joomla! 3 are the B2J Alfheim Image Gallery Pro, the B2J Social Sharer and the first extension we released – the B2J News Slider! A lot of new features have been added as well, as we have been getting many requests from our users. Here we go, I will go over them now. So, if you are familiar, scan the text for new features and hurry to try them anew! A newbie to Bang2Joom? Sit back and relax, as I go over these amazing improvements!

The Bang2Joom K2 News Slider

Our Bang2Joom K2 News Slider for K2 is now fully responsive and is compatible not only with Joomla 2.5 but also Joomla! 3!!! In case you forgot this great module is multi-functional - it can be used as a simple news slider or a news ticker with autoplay. It automatically retrieves newly added K2 item titles without refreshing the page due to AJAX Publishing. Are you an iPhone/ iPad user? It has got iPhone/iPad swipe with several presets! Customize this super-responsive and Joomla! 3 ready module for K2 as per your website's needs!

Alfheim Image Gallery Pro

With the help of our fully responsive Bang2Joom Alfheim Image Gallery PRO module, the user not only has a tight control over the flow of images filtered by K2 tags, but has additional options to choose in how these images appear to the viewer. This module is fully functional with Joomla! versions 2.5 and ta-da-da-daaam – Yes, Joomla! 3!

A few words about this cool gallery module

Simple, effective, super-easy installation and use – all of this are targeted keywords for Alfheim Image Gallery Pro!

The choice is up to you - choose the images to be inherited from K2 items, K2 tags or even a custom folder on your server! Crop them, resize them with or without aspect ratio.

On image click, it opens the original image in a lightbox with all thumbnails beneath it. They take the appearance of a bunch of photos allowing you to flip or swipe through them as you would in real life. The flipping effect looks like ebay's iPad application and can be used on all platforms, with amazing effect on touchscreens.

Administrators also have the additional option to choose the way the module displays the image tags - either with Tag Cloud or Tag Slider. Images can also be shared to the major social networking sites.

Bang2Joom Social Sharer Plugin

Bang2Joom Social Sharer Plugin is a Joomla! plugin that works with K2, Joomla! Article manager, redSHOP and displays Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and e-mail share buttons. Each button in this plugin is super customizable with great parameters to choose!

B2J Social Sharer Plugin comes in 3 size options 16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px and has 3 Button Style: icon only, text only and icon & text. It also has 3 alignments to choose: left, center and right.

Our Bang2Joom Social Sharer Plugin helps the website stay in touch with its visitors allowing them to spread the word quickly, thus increasing the traffic load to your website. So, you can come over and get a super customizable social plugin compatible both with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0!

Stay tuned because our developers are updating all the rest of our modules and our templates for Joomla 3.0. And... there's also a heap of new templates on the way! ;)


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