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B2J helps to build Joomla Apps!

Written by Gev
B2J helps to build Joomla Apps B2J helps to build Joomla Apps

What is Joomla Apps?


The aim of Joomla Apps is to 'create a Joomla "app store" that will allow users to search for and install extensions directly from the backend administrator interface'.


For now, the name of the tab is 'Install from Web'. The name "Joomla Apps" itself is not the final version, as Marketing team has still got to approve it. So if you think you can suggest a more decent name and feel like you have got a great naming in your mind which describes what this 'app store' is all about, please, suggest here !!!

How we got involved?

'Creating a Joomla app store' is one of Joomla's 2013 overall project goals. And it was in May when we learnt from this announcement - APP STORE STUDY GROUP FORMING by Paul Orwig that this great idea will step by step become a reality and we can help. Sure, we jumped in, as it was indeed a great chance to have our small input in creating such a vital Joomla piece.


We were extremely happy to join this friendly team and 20 days of consistent work filled with enthusiasm lead to having Joomla Apps under 'pull request' status in Github! 

Our CEO Gev & the B2J team are excited to have helped both with the design and the frontend development. The development team was indeed a pleasure to work with: Paul Orwig, Beat from CB, Ashwin Date, Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis, Parth Lawate, Nick Savov and many others.


Where will you see Joomla Apps?

You will be able to view it directly in your Joomla! Admin! Simple as that!

Joomla Apps will appear in your Joomla backend. All you will need to do is go to Extension Manager and if you are attentive enough you will definitely see a new tab "Install from Web" in the right side.

Joomla Apps Screenshot 1





There the Joomla Apps will be visible with all its extensions by categories. The Extensions both have listed and icon views. You can crawl the categories or simply do an Advanced Search to find what you are looking for.

Joomla Apps Screenshot 2


When you have found and clicked on the Extension you were looking for, it will take you to an "Item View" option where you can have a detailed view of that very Joomla Extension.

Joomla Apps Screenshot 3



Here you can see three options: Directory Listing, Developer Website and the green one – Install! When clicking on the Directory Linking, it will lead you to the webpage of that specific extension in JED; the Developer Website will take you to the developer's website of that Joomla extension. And magic – Install directly installs it in your Joomla, without making you leave it!


(For Joomla Apps Architecture and UX Design , refer here)


As the coding work is almost completed, more help is needed to test the new feature. If enough volunteers are willing to help with these tasks, then hopefully this new feature will be considered to be included in Joomla 3.2!


Joomla users do not need to navigate any more from their Joomla backend to install the extension they need - It is a click away!


Joomla Apps - Search, Review and Install your favourite extensions directly from your Joomla Admin without ever having to leave your Joomla site!


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