Friday, 30 November 2012 19:08

B2J new module coming along?

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: B2J new image gallery module coming along? Bang2Joom Blog: B2J new image gallery module coming along?
It has been pretty busy, CRAZY week at B2J office

Our guys were fighting like cats and dogs trying to get solutions for the bugs and at the same time, summing up all the issues with coming template – Alfheim. However, at that very time, the main issue that was bugging our B2J developer Ash was how to create extremely easy-of-use and multifunctional module for images. So, with this inspiration Ash made the core of the module at lightning speed - in a single day!

An early look at B2J new image gallery module

So, I pulled some strings and got the guys here to let me have an early look at this B2J K2 exclusive module which is on the way... I must say - it looks innovative! With the help of this new image gallery module the images get handled in a better, easier way. The user has a tight control over the flow of images. As far as I got to see through his demonstration to me, one of the great things is that the Joomla! users will be able to use multi-tagging, assigning one image to several tag –categories at once. It is as simple as possible allowing you to get the most from the image gallery view.

B2J Developer's philosophy

B2J developer Ash mentioned that when developing this B2J module for images, he was driven by this philosophy - we have all the tools to make something great, and all we need is to make them work together nicely. So he did. Ash also added that it will hopefully be done really soon. It works well for the most part, but there are some couple bugs (though they don't affect its functionality) that need to be fixed.

Great news! Cheers. You will probably be testing it yourself soon, really soon...


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