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B2J professional Joomla! templates are now available

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: B2J professional Joomla! templates are now available Bang2Joom Blog: B2J professional Joomla! templates are now available
This is what we've been working toward... Guess what!?! We just got our hot templates from the B2J J! kitchen oven freshly baked and they are GREAT. Get your forks and plates and have a seat and enjoy our products!

Wooden Wall - the B2J VM template and Alfheim - the B2J K2 template, both operating on the Bang2Joom Urartu Framework, are now ready for download!

Which one to choose?

Oh Gosh! That's a hard decision! Let me give you some hints.They both look amazing and the minimalist design is calling you to test? Have a look at the demos! Take them for a test drive! Still hesitating? Hmm, ok-ok I will reveal some useful info to you!

Alfheim is a blog template which has got many brand new custom-made K2 modules like B2J Image Gallery module for K2. ( It's really something, guys, you NEED to test it!) Alfheim has got full K2 integration and is built on HTML Boilerplate. It has also got the amazing component Komento – a comment extension for Joomla! by Stackideas.

I see you are falling for Alfheim already? Hold on till you see the features Wooden Wall has.

Wooden Wall template is a professional ecommerce VM template by Bang2Joom. It has got simple customization and is great to use for an online webstore. It also got Bang2Joom core modules: B2J Image Slider Module for VM and the B2J Gallery Zoom for VM. Its appealing, clean look will catch your visitor's attention right away and make them stay connected!

Oh, you are already filling your cart to buy? See what else I've got to tell...

Both Wooden Wall and Alfheim has got the following features: SEO friendly, Clean code and Super lightweight.

Here is where you need to make a choice! Wondering about setting up a blog or a portfolio website? Well then, B2J Alfheim is just for you! However, if you are looking for a business website to run an online store, then you've got to test Wooden Wall!

This is just the start of our Bang2Joom Templates. Keep checking back regularly as we roll out new templates each month!


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