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B2J Team is happy to welcome

Written by Ani Avdalyan
B2J Partners Good Partners Are The Engine Of Business

What makes a successful business? Well, let us see.

A creative idea, a good strategy, professional management, devoted employees, discipline and, surely, willingness to take risks from time to time.

But wait! There’s actually something important missing on the list. The thing, which, despite not always being given enough publicity, is a keystone of a truly good business.
Yes, as you may guessed, we’re talking about partnership.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a business partner, you can fully rely on, but we must confess, that we are lucky enough.

Let us firstly thank all our partners for a huge contribution in what we are today and for helping us to grow and improve! We highly appreciate it!

And, secondly, let us share the good news: we decided to make publishing appreciation blog-posts highlighting our partners a kind of tradition!

Despite their huge commitment, most of our partners are not egocentric enough to publicly mention their contribution to our and other’s growth and development! So, we don’t have nothing to do, but to improve the situation ourselves and tell the world, why our partners are the best ones you can imagine!

And the first one we want to highlight is .

If you remember, we have already referred to them once in B2J’s favorite Joomla! Hosts article, as one of the world’s leading web hosting and support providers for Joomla!.

We really don’t need to simply tell you about the advantages and high quality of their professional service. If you ever worked with Team, you’d know it already. If not, try to collaborate with them, and results will speak louder than just words.
What we want to do is just to mention the most crucial things, that make our collaboration absolutely pleasant and productive and to thank Team for it.

So, what makes them so nice to deal with?

#1. Operativity

In the environment of continually changing requirements, one must react to changes immediately. has quick approach to the clients and always ready to bring innovations to life without any delays.


We just can not miss the chance to emphasize the competence of Team. These high qualified professionals do their work perfectly and with great devotion, they are not only always ready to assist, but also sure to provide first-class service on any related issue. And the important thing about this is the operativity and quick response again.

#3. Convenience

Unfortunately, modern business lacks good communication and understanding. has it all and more. It is the sign of respect towards the client. Such attitude has nothing else to do but to be rewarded with mutual respect and loyalty.

#4. They actually do their work with love

That is why it’s so easy and pleasant to collaborate with Team: it has similarities with ours in terms of passion for what they do.

Now, get yourself ready! It’s time for surprising good news! will soon become an online home of Bang2Joom! Yes, soon we are migrating to from our current server, and though it may cause some temporary inconvenience to our users, their patience will be rewarded with further perfectly operating web-site.

To say more, provided us with hosting for free! So kind and generous of them!

We are more than sure, that Bang2Joom is not the one to be proud of collaboration with amazing Team!

Good partners are definitely the moving engine of the business, so take your time to choose them carefully like we did!

Now we just can’t wait for to host us and are too excited about it!

We’re sure, this will be just the beginning of more valuable and effective collaboration.

In the end, let us thank you again! Keep on rocking, guys! We hope to stay on the same wavelength with you for a long time!


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