Monday, 05 November 2012 17:56

Bang2Joom family goes Go-Kart Racing!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Bang2Joom family goes Go-Kart Racing! Bang2Joom Blog: Bang2Joom family goes Go-Kart Racing!
Fun weekend started on Saturday afternoon when Bang2Jooom big family went Go-Kart Racing at one of Yerevan's coolest entertainment locations called Play City.

Let's get this straight now. Karting here is strictly for those who love the feelings of speed and drive and go through all of the risks!

We got there and put on our karting suits and helmets, listened to all the security instructions (Oh wait, or maybe someone missed it, huh?). So, we got our drive on! An afternoon for karting continued till late in the evening. As the game heated up, we saw that B2J guys were taking it all too serious and were ready for the coming challenges.

We had an impromptu racing competition going on! One of B2J guys said that there weren't many overtaking opportunities around the course, and the best tactic for him was to apply pressure to the driver in front, and hope that the driver would spin out of his way (too easy to guess from the in-depth way of thinking that it was Ash, our skilled Joomla! developer). However, it didn't actually work how he hoped and the karting for B2J developer Ash ended up with him on the ground. There appeared the First-Aider on site and provided needed help to our brave Joomla! developer. Ash said that he had an appointment with fear, but it all had a Happy End luckily for all of us.

"It's cool to see where everybody else is and get to laugh at them when they spin out " states B2J designer Mher who was so far in front of everyone, that he got the feeling that he is driving around on his own.

B2J guys were excited during the whole game. Screams of joy, exclamations of frustration and moments of triumph accompanied us during the whole game. The game was really heated!!!

Wondered who was the all-mighty dude that day? Well, as our smart Project Manager Gev says, it is fair to say the real winner was B2J guys' impressive team spirit.

Okay, okay, I'll confess... B2J Go-Kart Racing competition's winner was B2J designer Mher. Maybe our Project Manager didn't say 'cause he hoped it would be him as winner... well, there's always next time! ;)


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