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Bang2Joom goes to CMS Expo13!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom goes to CMS Expo13!

What is CMS Expo?


CMS Expo is a Learning and Business Conference which will take place at the Hilton Orrington Hotel in Evanston from May 14-16, 2013 this year. It is three empowering days of learning in Illinois, United States and Bang2Joom is super excited to be part of it!

The known guys from the sphere will be there to help you get the needed practice. Nevertheless where you stand now with your knowledge base, you will definitely leave the CMS Expo with a full package of massive information overload which you will get during these three days.

Besides, meeting in person with those who matter in the CMS world, making connections, is well worth it. CMS Expo is great as you will not only acquire new knowledge on your particular CMS, but also get chance to see what other CMSs are up to!

Who is CMS Expo for? CMS Expo is for Web Business Leaders - CEOs, CMOs & CIOs, content marketers & strategists, integrators & implementers, web designers & developers, writers, bloggers & editors.
You can still register online. The fees vary, so find what is best for you:

Expo-only Pass is $35
Conference Day Pass: $299
Full Registration 3-Day Pass: $799


Bang2Joom in CMS EXPO

About a month ago I ran into a website which said: "Don't wait, enter your nomination today for The Best CMS Design Firm Of The Year. Nominate a firm or individual that stands out from the rest, or otherwise may not get recognized for their innovation and creativity." It said that the works should be outstanding, they should be created between March 1st, 2012 - March 1st, 2013 and the important factor is that they should be powered by one of the CMSs listed. And then I glanced the listed CMSs and ta-daaam! Joomla!


So who do you think was the first firm for this nomination that would come to my mind?

Yes, Bang2Joom!


Later, I surfed and found out that The CMSA Spotlight Awards is a great event happening during CMS EXPO. The entry fee was $10 in order to avoid ballot stuffing as they say. Professional judges will examine closely each of them and announce the winners at CMS Expo.

So, Bang2Joom is nominated for Best CMS Design Firm of The Year in CMS Expo. We hope that Bang2Joom with its unique touch of design will not be missed by judges' attention.  We have had a pleasure to be chosen website with the Best Design and Usability at AmrNet2012. The ArmNet award is meant to showcase the latest technology boom in Armenia revealing the creative and unique websites and to support the IT development in Armenia.

Oh, I totally forgot to tell you how we decided we are going! In the nomination page it was written: "Winners need not be present to win, but it sure is a LOT more fun if they're there to be appreciated by hundreds of colleagues, LIVE and in-person (beats being back at home or office, behind a Mac)." And then we thought, yeah, we got to go!



We are going to get more knowledge on Joomla, to know where other CMSs stand now. We are going to meet our friends from Joomla community who we skype and message, but have never seen in person. And yeah, we hope to bring our award! ;)


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