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Bang2Joom going for Design and Usability Award

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom at armnetawards Bang2Joom at armnetawards
ArmNet Awards 2012

ArmNet 2012's mission is to enhance the progress of the internet segment in Armenia. In order to encourage the development of the Armenian websites' content and to support the creation of new companies, "ArmNet 2012" annual events are held. The event is sponsored by the Maeutica branding company, Orange Armenia and ISOC (Internet Society). Jury members consisting of Armenian and international specialists, the masters in their spheres, evaluate all the websites and make a difficult choice. This year the results will be announced during ArmNet Awards ceremony on 8th of December, in the "Ararat" hall of the Armenia Marriott hotel.

540 submitted participants, 7 categories, 4 applicants fighting in each nomination – Judges are going to have hard time making the big decision as all the nominees are possible winners! Here is the list of the 7 main categories:

Design and Usability
Technological Development
Social impact
Breakthrough of the Year
Special Prize from Orange in ArmNet Awards with its unique touch of design and user-friendly interface could not have been missed from judges' attention. Bang2Joom is going for Design and Usability nomination in ArmNet Awards 2012. Usability for us is far more than just a cool design. Usability of each website shows the concept of the development of the website from user's point of view, i.e. it shows how much you really care for your users. So, we are really excited that we are fighting to get a title in this specific nomination.

Here are the 4 applicants that are a step away from the above-mentioned nomination:

As you can see, our joy is doubled – is in the same nomination with us! How cool is that?! This website has been designed and developed by Bang2Joom Studio!

We really do hope that Bang2Joom will take everyone's breath away and capture their attentive eyes, as we really worked hard on our cool design and development making very user-friendly.

We wish everyone Good luck! ( our competitors are really going to need one ) ;)


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