Monday, 26 November 2012 19:28

Bang2Joom having J! fun!

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Bang2Joom having J! fun! Bang2Joom Blog: Bang2Joom having J! fun!
The idea for another fun weekend lightened up when everybody figured out that we really need to have rest and get our minds free for the tough coming week.

High time to make the clean decision!

We took the opportunity and went to spend our Sunday afternoon and evening at B2J developer Ash's place – fresh air, barbeque, fun, music, and food! Everything was inspiring. A picturesque panorama opened in front of us: Davitashen's bridge and the breathtaking scene right below it could be seen.

Getting closer to Mother Earth and Nature

When we got there, almost everybody was there, sure, except those lazy bones who are always late )) We were welcomed by Ash's kind family members. The preparations for an Armenian barbeque were already taken care of - B2J developers Ash and Aro, after discussing all possible barbeque bugs, eventually started a fire in a fireplace. Some of us started the small tennis tournament. B2J developer Arm immediately found a friend to play with – a beautiful doggy "Sevuk" ( English for "Sevuk" is "Blackie" ). They were running around the garden with the stick till the competition got tougher, and we had to take Blackie to his place to calm down.)))

B2J team spirit

B2J guys did manage to have their traditional "coffee break" this time, in the open air. After some minutes, when everyone was there, the place filled with Joomla! atmosphere (or almost everyone, 'cause someone got spammed and reported for being absent). So, B2J designers managed to get hold of the barbeque and make some last touches to our barbeque design, while the girls were helping with some other cooking. Bang2Joom team spirit reigned!

B2J atmosphere

J! hungry

Time for food - Bon appétit! The food was great. The meat barbeque was just as amazing as the veggie one. A great variety of pickled and salted vegetables, home-made by Ash's grandma, were too delicious. All of B2J guys came to the same conclusion; pickled hot peppers were superb. Hungry for more? Sorry, we finished them all. Don't want to tempt you more, in one word, everyone enjoyed their food.

J! music

Full and happy, everyone felt that we were definitely missing the music to have fully B2J atmosphere. Some B2J guys revealed their great talents. Ash was the maestro of piano. Accompanied by Aro's guitar sounds, B2J talented CEO Gev started to sing and the room was filled with Bob Marley sounds. Seemed like we were at B2J office. Late in the evening laughter, cheers, smile were present in every room; some B2J guys finished up playing cards, the others joined the tennis tournament, the last ones enjoyed playing billiard; all of this accompanied with great music!

Joomla! in our minds

Bang2Joom guys had an amazing day together with their loved ones, strengthened Joomla! teamwork ties, got to know each other better and had a rest to be ready for the current week full of work with Joomla!, work with HTML/CSS, work with Adobe – B2J J! work!


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