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Bang2Joom now uses T3v3

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: Bang2Joom now uses T3v3 Bang2Joom blog: Bang2Joom now uses T3v3
"About 2 months ago, Anthony from JoomlaBamboo buzzed me on Skype and said "I've just looked at the new version of T3 and I think it is absolutely amazing. I'm considering moving to that as our framework and I just wanted to discuss that with you." Dinh Viet Hung, CEO and Founder @Joomlart

This is how the idea of unifying Joomla! template clubs around one framework began. T3v3 is the 3rd generation of T3 Framework. This is not simply an update to the existing T3 framework, this is entirely new framework.

Why? Guess! Hint: The keywords are Joomla! 3 Bootstrap, responsive design...

A sneak peek at T3 3.0 Main Features

• Responsive
• Joomla 2.5 / 3 compatibility
• MegaMenu
• Twitter Bootstrap
• HTML 5
• ThemeMagic

JoomlArt's responsive design implemented in their templates got improved in T3v3 Framework. T3v3 has got what it takes! No need to think about making every template responsive to fit specific device. With T3v3 your templates will automatically be adaptable nevertheless the type of the product. T3v3 framework supports the latest versions of Joomla! – Joomla! 2.5 and 3. Some useful links and resources about T3 have been added to a completely new and user friendly template admin panel. This framework supports Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. Megamenu, the third generation navigation system, can be enabled/disabled in Template Administration.

Twitter Bootstrap, which is the key element in Joomla! 3 comes to play a great role in T3v3. The latter implemented some important features from Bootstrap, thus, taking care of responsive design. JA T3 3.0 has been built using LESS CSS. LESS is an open-source dynamic stylesheet language which extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions. All the templates on T3v3 and the framework itself, are going to be built using HTML 5.

Great customization is ensured by ThemeMagic. Customize the parameters as you wish and view it on front-end! T3 3.0 Framework gives you a variety to choose from - Multiple themes: default, dark, green, red and different layouts: Left Content Right, Left Content, Right Content, Multiple columns, Full width and more and more. And this is just a sneak peak, more features to be unveiled soon.

The best ideas are common property. ©Seneca

T3 framework is now an independent project! Co-authors and co-developers are more than welcome to join this great project! T3 is going to be relocated to designed by Bang2Joom.

JoomlArt started T3, JoomlaBamboo joined in, Bang2Joom already did too. Our template for March is going to be based on T3v3 framework using JPhoto from corePHP and K2!The next to join was ThemeRox, join us!

T3v3 - uniting Joomla! folks!