Thursday, 13 December 2012 21:06 - Design and Usability

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom at Armnet Bang2Joom at Armnet
Time to get some brain food!

December 8 was an extraordinary day for Bang2Joom. The morning was filled with great presentations on 'Brands and digital technology' during Arm Net 2012 International Conference.

During the whole conference the participants were able to view unique Twitter show visualization of #Armnet2012 hashtag supported by a TweetBeam show. As the tweets were sliding in, you could see someone smiling having recognized his/her tweet, the others were pointing to the screen, Bang2joom team was tweeting, tweeting and tweeting. :)))

All in all, we got knowledge about RTB eco-systems and double-click solutions, we got to know more about Social Media Brand Promotion Prohibitions and more and more... It was indeed an informative conference! Thanks again to all the smart guys for their amazing presentations!

Receiving an award well-earned

Nothing compares with the feeling of triumph and the great responsibility for being chosen website with the Best Design and Usability of Armenia. Bang2Joom with its unique touch of design and user-friendly interface showed the B2J way of understanding the website development from user's point of view - we care about our Joomla! users making our website super user-friendly.

Later on in the evening of that very day we came back not just to take part in the ArmNet Awards 2012 Award ceremony, but also to take the prize!! The ArmNet 2012 award, organized by Maeutica branding agency, Orange Armenia and ISOC companies, is meant to showcase the latest technology boom in Armenia revealing the creative and unique websites and to support the IT development in Armenia. Ta-daaam! Here is the list of the ArmNet 2012 winners in 7 categories:
Design and Usability -
Innovation -
Technological Development -
Content -
Breakthrough of the year -
Social Impact -

Special Prize for the best mobile application by Orange - mobile application People's Choice nomination - 'We are the owners of this city' facebook group took the Grand Prix. The organizers of ArmNet 2012 gave special gratitude to the Russian expert who knows everything about IT Anton Merkurov for online promotion related to Armenia. The jury members in their turn also gave special prizes: Anton Merkurov from Instid Russia awarded website, and Michael Ilichev awarded website. We are really excited and want to thank again ArmNet 2012. It was great!

post scriptum: The after party was so crazy and fun that we want to thank the ArmNet guys and all those for uploading the videos and pictures so we could retrieve our memory of that amazing day :))))



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