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Become a conversion rate expert with B2J!

Written by Ani Avdalyan
Become a conversion rate expert with B2J!

Have you ever faced a ‘strange’ situation when the traffic to your website is pretty high, but the sales results are, to say the least, not satisfying? Yeah, you have the essential thing for success, I mean the visitors, but it’s not enough actually. What to do if your visitors are not converting into paying customers? How to solve the problem of website’s low conversion rate?

Here are some options:

Desperately consider 'doing nothing’ the best solution and watch your customers choosing your competitors instead of you,

Never give up, stay motivated and struggle to find ways to improve the situation.

Huh? You are choosing the 2nd? Then you are on the right way already. Let us consider some great tactics which will help to multiply the number of sales from the people visiting you and to utilize your website conversional potential fully.

Firstly, note that the success is all about the details; right things in the right places which will increase trust of your customers and will lead them to perform the desired action - buying your products online.

To be sure to offer you a best practice on lead generating we’ll just share the proven marketing strategy of Bang2Joom. Get ready! We are going to reveal our secret!

In short, the efficient strategy of increasing the number of paying customers is based on the following simple ideas:

making your products/services appealing to the customer,
persuading the customer about the exclusiveness of your offerings,
making them hungry for more.

In order to help you make it all happen consider the easy guide based on tactics that already worked for us!

Make browsing of your website enjoyable

Easy-to-use interface, simplicity, well-organized pages, sleek design, which is not only pleasant to the eye, but also is user-friendly. These details will make your users’ lives easier and will increase the engagement. And please don’t forget to make your website responsive! The world has gone mobile and traffic may face a breakdown if website isn’t working on all devices. Choosing the right platforms and CMS, using responsive and well-designed website templates are the first steps to prevent leaving your website and to increase customers’ confidence while shopping online.

Boring online catalogues are out, smart showcases are in

Struggle to make your products and services outstanding! Try to not only show and describe your products on your website, but to keep your users away from the stress of guessing what and where to click to examine your offers. Smart plugins and modules specially designed to make the navigation on your website more enjoyable and easier, nicely designed galleries, smart call-to-actions buttons are those little touches that will make users enjoy browsing and identifying your products. They are sure to become eager to make a purchase!

Stay in touch with your customers

Destroy obstacles on your way to ensure a healthy conversation between you and your website users! If you are not able to keep in touch with users and respond to queries promptly, you are definitely missing out. The best push to make your customers whip out their credit cards and subscribe is caring about them! Make submitting queries simpler and be ready to respond to every single question, feedback and complaint. Add such contact component to your page, which will make your visitors feel just right inquiring, not making them annoyed with difficulties of contacting you!

Go Social!

Never underestimate the role of Social Media. Creating a great content is nothing without the targeted sharing. Implement a strategy of intelligent web-presence. Sleek plugins for making your content accessible for a larger audience are here to help! Capture users’ interest, create engaging values, but don’t make it all about just constantly attempting to promote yourself! Don’t annoy your users; try to make them ask for more themselves!

Track your success

The aim for all your actions must be achieving better results! Whatever you do to increase leads generating, don’t forget to observe, analyze, measure and make conclusions constantly. There surely exists an ideal magic formula for growing conversion rate, but here is the tricky part, you have to struggle to find it yourself! The things that worked for B2J are not guaranteed to work in your case. So, add your personal touch and unique approach to your tactics and the positive changes will be obvious!

Stay inspired, try different approaches, share your experience and may luck shine on you!


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