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Blogging destinations about Joomla!

Written by Gev
Favourite Blogging destinations about Joomla! Favourite Blogging destinations about Joomla!

Joomla blogs? You mean Joomla tools to blog? Nope, it's blogging with Joomla! I mean, Blogging ABOUT Joomla!

The first week I started my work at Bang2Joom I can recall myself surfing the net trying to find some statistics about Joomla, collect some data about Joomla template clubs out there. So I had a look at my presentations yesterday...O wow! Amazed! I saw many familiar names that I am well acquainted with now!

My usual day would start then (and still starts now) at having a look at my Bookmarks which include but not limited to Joomla.org,(I love to get lost in the Joomla community magazine's issues), Cocoate, Joomlablogger, Joomlart, Joomlabamboo, Gavick, Rockettheme.. Later on when I started our B2J blog, these would become my daily destinations. So, here it is, today I am going to introduce you to some of my most favourite Joomla blogging destinations which I frequently visit!


The first one is Joomla Community Magazine

Oh, I just love to check magazine.joomla.org as I will always find a lot of interesting news on Joomla, on the upcoming events, and can keep track of what is happening in Joomla community! This is an ideal place for me to get informed about Joomla and see what's new in the big international family called Joomla! I even got my favourite authors who I always follow to see what they have got new in the coming issue. ;) Let me reveal some of them – Alice Grevet, Dianne Henning - I love how they write! And I just love this guy's videos - they are really informative! Thanks Luke Summerfield! Oh, and I cannot help but mention Pete Bui, though I mostly check his Joomla Beat Podcasts!


Next one is Joomlablogger.net by Kristoffer Sandven!

JoomlaBlogger.net has been a winner in previous years in the category of "Blog Web Site" at J and Beyond. I love the fresh content I find every time I check, I love that they have these nicely distinguished categories that you can easily find what you need: Joomla tutorials, Joomla news, Joomla tips, Videos, SEO and more! Do not forget to visit their Ebook store!


Last but not least is Brian Teeman's blog

Brian Teeman, Joomla – these two keywords seem to meet a lot! When I was first getting introduced to Joomla! I came across his name a lot. If you're asking why, then you must be a Joomla newbie like I was! Brian is the co-founder of Joomla! and Open Source Matters. He is a real Jpositive guy travelling around the world. If you have him in your twitter list, you will get many updates from J! events – Joomla days, conferences and more! As far as I have observed, he is really firm in his opinions and always has different approach!. So, Brian's blog is not another Joomla blog, indeed, it is opinions, views and observations, somehow different, somehow abrupt, buy surely Jpositive. You will also find a lot of videos from J! events! You really ought to be following this guy if you are Joomla! enthusiast!


And speaking about events, check out Brian's new website featuring his presentations' web site. As he said, "with more content and shiny new design". Hidden Joomla Secrets - It's really neat!

In closing, I have to briefly mention Joomlart's and Joomlabamboo's blogs which I also frequently stop at, I just love to see what these great guys are up to, see their new products and more! And, surely Themepartner.com/blog – nicely wrapped up blogs, with Joomla! 3 highlighted blogs where you can find all the blogs from different places in one stream!


Lovely, simple and easy to use these blogs about Joomla! are a real J! treasure. Summing up, here is my advice for you, Follow, Subscribe to these Blogs about Joomla and be on top of the news about Joomla and more!


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