Friday, 26 October 2012 19:14

BRA!ND branding laboratory

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: branding laboratory Bang2Joom Blog: branding laboratory
Recently we got an offer to create another website for an ambitious marketing company - BRA!ND.

In BRA!ND, they find creative ideas and original solutions supported by evidence, and new approaches of business management justified by researches. Their major areas of interest cover branding, research, design, consultation and neuromarketing.

Bang2Joom developers worked on it almost a week without a break! It required a lot of work and a great patience with building the matrix. We spent almost an entire day in front of our creative board trying to find the best possible solution for BRA!ND.

"This project is really one of a kind, there is no second one like this" proudly mention Bang2Joom guys.

The most problematic part was to develop the tubes with high speed and super sensitive water flowing functionality and to combine all of it with scroller. And we succeeded!

Though it took us a week to perfect as there were some unique requirements for this project, the client is happy with the results. So are we!


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