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BRA!ND in Popok Festival

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: BRA!ND - A joint project of Bang2Joom + BB Media Bang2Joom Blog: BRA!ND - A joint project of Bang2Joom + BB Media
"Popok" International Advertising Festival gave the start on 28th of October, 2010 in Armenia. On the one hand, "Popok" is an Armenian name for a brain-shaped walnut. On the other hand, "Popok" namely resembles a mix of two common-used words in Armenia i.e. pop meaning popular and OK.

This year, from October 25 to 27, different prestigious companies from 15 countries will gather to compete in the 6 main categories within the scope of "Popok" International Advertising Festival. The festival has three major objectives:

Educate with the help of master classes
Go global in the International Advertising sphere
Strengthen the old ties and create new ones

Every year, an international jury consisting of real advertising gurus, having their say in the big Advertising World, come to judge various works. Yerevan literally becomes the hub of the International Advertising during the three days of "Popok" International Advertising Festival. Three days of exchanging experiences, presentations and workshops on a variety of topics of modern advertising market demands.

This year, among all the other competitors is Bang2Joom and BB Media joint project – BRA!ND. It is a marketing company based in Armenia providing custom solutions for businesses. Having the coolest design from BB Media in our hands, our skilled developers offered a few development solutions for the BRA!ND website. Eventually, after many thoughts and tackling all the possible fragile points, Bang2Joom guys came to a final, yet simple and great solution: lightweight and stable website! A lot of work and a great challenge against an overenthusiastic team giving 100% plus energy, skills and time! And here is the result – BRA!ND!

Bang2Joom and BB Media really hope that BRA!ND is going to blow the limit line of everyone's imagination and show a real burst of modern Advertising ideas plus the multifunctional development strategy.


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