Wednesday, 19 March 2014 01:30

Brand New Joomla Shop Template B2J Inspired has arrived

Written by Ani Avdalyan
Online Store Template B2J Inspired

Inspiration is in the air of Bang2Joom! Guess what? Our team is happy to announce the launching of our brand new Joomla online shop template called B2J Inspired. A worthy addition to our collection of the best Joomla templates.

B2J Inspired is geared to those web-store owners who love to control each detail of the look and feel of their online shop.

Due to its numerous customizing options, B2J Inspired will ideally showcase your products in the best way, providing detailed info about their options. It will allow you to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers who are always willing to know everything about the product they are buying.

Whatever you aim to sell online, B2J Inspired, built on mighty T3 framework, is sure to present your products in the best way and appeal your target market due to its perfect usability.

B2J Inspired is visually striking, simple and elegant at the same time. Looking great both on your desktop and mobile devices, this Joomla shop template provides the easiest way of creating a classy online-store.

B2J Inspired has got all the required features an engaging online store will need. Its friendly and inviting layout will satisfy the demands of both stylish extravagant shopaholics and minimalists who put the simplicity first.

All in all, key features of 'Inspired' include but are not limited to:

two layouts for shop,
an awesome image gallery,
homepage slider,
built-in contact form,
social sharing.

B2J Inspired’ s functionality is extended with such Joomla extensions as:

B2J Social Sharer plugin
B2J Aquarius Layer slider
K2 Store

Aside that B2J Inspired is built around K2 + K2 Store - a simple and smart online store platform, which allows you to customize your online store the way you need to. (Learn more about the features of K2 Store.)

Get ready to fall in love and get “Inspired”.


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