Tuesday, 27 September 2016 21:32

Codextrous is turning ONE

Written by Gaurav Jain
Codextrous is turning ONE

1st b’day is always special :)


A fantastic year it was...Yes….these words comes in our mind when we look back and see how far we have come. It seems like yesterday that we decided to pursue our dreams and launch Codextrous. All the risk and hard decisions that we have taken an year back, now everything seems worthy. Patience, passion, excitement, trust, there are numerous emotions that we have experienced and amazing lessons that this journey has taught us. 

In just one year, we have acquired function90 and Bang2Joom, providing continuous support and enhancing the existing extensions. We have also launched our brand new extension CD-Downloads which is also a crucial step for us. 

This journey would have been void if you are not with us. Your praise and acceptance keeps us motivated to grow and contribute in the web world. We promise to keep up the standards and provide quality products. 

Few words about from our friends and customers, 

We at B2J were trying hard to create good looking responsive templates and extensions for the awesome Joomla community. And when we decided to start ucraft website builder, I passed all our extensions to our friends’ club Codextrous, as they are  honest, professional and trustworthy.

Gev Balyan, CEO ucraft, Bang2Joom


Congrats on your first year of Codextrous, I hope (for my sake) you have many great years of business ahead. 
In this past year, I've come to rely on the Codextrous team, particularly Gaurav. Not only are they fantastic coders, they've been great communicators and great thinkers - they don't just do what you ask, they seriously consider the implications of your request and together help me come up with the best way of implementing any requests. I'm thrilled to be able to work with the team at Codextrous. Thank you for your awesome work. 


Kelsey Brookes Co-Founder - Loved Locked Loaded


To celebrate this wonderful occasion, we have planned some cool discounts for you on its array of products between Sep. 27th – Oct. 1st on Codextrous.com and Function90.com. Use discount coupon HAPPY1YEAR to get 50% discounts on all our paid extension and be part of this celebration.



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