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Create an efficient Google AdWords Ad

Written by Gev
Tips to write killers ad campaigns Tips to write killer Ad campaigns

Google AdWords was first introduced in March of 2002 and ever since it has been considered as the most efficient advertising platform.

Direct marketing on steroids this is what Pay-per-click is about.

Ten to hundred dollars and up to few hours and you will watch your AdWords campaign drive qualified customers to your website. You have done this but it did not show any results? We know, AdWords campaign is easy to handle, but it is difficult to set up as well. As to the facts, almost only 26% of B2C and 20% of B2B businesses say that PPC campaigns, like Google AdWords, make the biggest impact on their lead generation.

With a little knowledge about Google rules and some must-know tips on how to write a killer Google AdWords you are all set to have an effective ad campaign. Indeed, if you learn how to write efficient PCC, then you are ready to success in any type of advertisements.

The most important part is the message you want to drive home. In the online world, you have very few chances to grab your possible customer’s attention. Few seconds while he/she scans your ad - you either lose or win big. During these few seconds you need not only catch their attention, but make them stare for a second, moreover, realize, it is what they need and finally ACT, i.e. click on your ad.

It is really complicated as you have limit not only in time, but also in wording. You have only a few words to write your message.

Of course, your ad is simply a door to your business; an ad is a click away from the customer and your website. It has to be very efficient to make them strive for more information.

Constructing effective AdWords

Only 4 line to write a very effective AdWords - as simple and as complicated as that.

First line is the title which is only 25 characters with spaces included. The next two lines are the main parts. This is where you write your key message, which can be a description about your business, or a specific offer, depending on the aim of your ad. Each of these lines is 35 characters. And the final line is the URL line – a landing destination where you aim the visitors to end up. This also should have up to 35 characters. It can be your website or a specific webpage of a special promotion you are advertising for.

Do not use Caps or exclamations in the headline. Also, statistics shows that Ads written in title case (Each Word Capitalized) drive more attention and seem to be more effective.

Tips to know about the PPC Ad campaign

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back!

The purpose of your ad should be to make the visitors curious and sell the click, not the product itself. Focus on having a great “Call to action” to make them want to click. They will definitely be satisfied at the end.

Target your audience.

Could not say more! Target your potential market. You do not want to sell Joomla templates to musicians unless they are interested in having their website powered by Joomla!

Show the benefit

Do not simply list its features, instead, tell the visitors about its benefits. For instance. This template is for charity: this is a feature. Gain donations with a great charity template. This is benefit.

Think of an ad like a construction

Think of your ad like a construction we have talked about above: Headline, main benefit, call for action, and URL. Attract with your headline and show the benefits to make them click on your ad.

Include numbers

Numbers are visually more catchy, so use them in your add. For instance, if you are having a 'Halloween Sale' better use '50% OFF all the products' than 'the Halloween Sale' itself. Have a visual effect and catch the attention from the text. They also make the ad more precise.

Answer some questions

Your Add should answer some simple answers. If it does, then you are guaranteed to win big. If you tell them exactly how they will save money or how they will benefit from your ad or simply get more, they will click on your ad!

QA your ads

Load various ad variations for each ad and let Google advertise them evenly. Then look for the one with the highest conversion rate and go with it!

Research never killed anybody!

Do a keyword research and in depth market research. Watch how your competitors are doing with their ads. Try to learn more about your target audience and how they search.

Make a connection with your target audience.

This is simple. If your target audience is narrowed down to location and you are targeting, say, Germany, mention it in your ad. For instance, “Free Shipment to Germany guaranteed”. Also, after you have researched your target audience and know what they want, try to address their specific needs. Offer what they are concerned about: this can be delivery time, price of the product, or some other features. So make a connection with your target audience and mention about them in your ad.

‘Ad Extensions’ made for you!

Indeed, some people have no idea that there are some really useful tools which have been developed by Google AdWords team to help you enhance your ad. SiteLinks and Call Extensions are some of the effective ones I have encountered so far. For the mobile campaigns, use Call Extensions This allows you to put your phone number on your ad and even lets the user direct call you with a click. The Sitelinks ad extension lets you show links to specific pages on your website below your ads' text. This will allow customers find what they need with just one click.

If done right, Google Adwords Ad campaigns will lead a lot of customers to your website.

Do you have any tips I have not gone through in this blog post? The share with us, comment and let's see what are some other useful tips for creating killer ad campaigns. For more on this, refer here.


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