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Flat Web Design for Newbies

Written by Gev
Flat Design - Make it Simple! Flat Design - Make it Simple!

Nowadays design world is split into two main camps: those who love Flat design and those who simply hate it. I will try to give some idea of what Flat Design is all about and what makes it so great that designers go crazy about it.

What is Flat Design?

According to a general definition that many designers seem to agree Flat Design is the simplest yet the most genius web design ever used. It does not require any extra additions or attributes. It's plain, simple and flat!


Flat Design is back?

Yes, indeed, Flat Design is not something new in the Design world. Flat Design is back, moreover reincarnated, as it is now in the center of the modern web design and seems to be a trend.

Seems like Flat Design is everywhere, finding its nice use both in website and app design.

Why is it so popular now? What pushed it forward again into a design world? The answer is more than obvious. With Windows 8 and new Google design this big flow of 'flatness' came into web design world and made a "Boom"!


To use or not to use Flat Design?

Well, tastes differ, as they say, however, approach should be individual per project. This being said, thoroughly examine the project you are going to create and think of your project. Flat Design brings simple approach thus if the project seems to fit into that scheme the way you want, go for it!


Who said you cannot add flavors?

Flat Design does not mean 'flatness' without motion or action. No, indeed, you can add the needed movements and effects and make it tasty.


Some essential features which make Flat Design flat are colors, typography, and UI elements.

Color is a vital element in design, especially in web. When it comes to Flat Design, concentrate on the vivid colors.
Words evoke feelings so typography can affect your users' feelings in a good way if you want. Think about the message you want to deliver and choose a decent font and font size to go with it. Less wording with better typography can do miracles! Simple as that!

Clear, not complicated with great and decent shape and style, UI elements will create simple yet neat User interface. This is what makes the flat design awesome!

No extra efforts, make it simple!

Flat Design itself is closely connected with responsive design. Whether you view it on your mobile device or on a larger screen, it looks simple and absolutely beautiful.


Greatness lies in simplicity.
Flat Design - Keep it simple!


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