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Google PageRank - 5!

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Does Google PageRank matter? This question has been asked and addressed millions of times and there have been many chewed-up discussions on this topic; some con’s and pro’s. Yet, no one can surely state whether it matters a lot or does not any longer. - PageRank:5

The reason I am going to bring up this topic again is that we have recently done a redesign on and have been struggling a lot to make it to the greatest UX experience and be back to our usual routine as soon as possible. We have been really surprised by seeing a little nice update on the top-right corner of our screen in the Google Toolbar – PageRank is 5 now!
Wow?! Let’s get deeper into the metrics and try to understand how and why PageRank still matters at least for us.

History of Google's PR

What’s up with PageRank? Should we be worried about when there is an update? Back to the roots: what Page Rank is and how your website can gain or lose PR.

PageRank is a technology which helps to determine the “importance” of a webpage by looking at what other pages link to it, as well as other data.

Did you know that PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google?

Basically what PageRank does is it assigns a score to every page in its index based on the number of websites linking to it and the relative quality of these links.

The PageRank has 0-10 scale, with PR0 being the lowest indexed rank and PR10 being the highest.

PR(A) = (1-d) + d(PR(t1)/C(t1) + … + PR(tn)/C(tn))

This is the formula above which was announced to public by Google. It helps to calculate PageRank metric. Surely, it has undergone couple of changes with every update, but the base variables are most likely the same. If the equation above makes no sense to you, it is still ok. It simply means, that, for instance, if your website is getting, say, 4 outbound links from websites which PR are 4, is better than if it gets thousands of outbound links from PR6.

PageRank is based on logarithmic scale

PageRank is based on logarithmic scale, which means the difference between PR1 and PR2 ranking is not the same as the difference between PR6 and PR7 sites.

We surely must state that once PageRank was considered to be the single largest determining factor in search engine optimization protocols.

How often is PageRank updated?

Although historically it’s updated fewer times every coming year in the toolbar, it’s actually constantly being updated on Google’s end.

Google PageRank was introduced first on 28 April 2007 and since then has undergone almost 20 + updates and the latest one was on December 6th. Google updates Toolbar Pagerank every 3 or so months.

We are not obsessed with PageRank, but must confess, when you see an update in your Toolbar, you just cannot help but check it out, right?

Did you know that Google PageRank is defined taking into account almost 400 factors?

No PR change on your website? Consider watching this video explaining the whys and wherefores of Google PR change from Matt Cutts.


Why PageRank is important?

There have been said a lot about this, here are just a few key factors for website’s PR. Though Google keeps all the information secret there are some factors which we can assume affect the way a website PR is set.

Some SEO gurus say that if you have a high PR it gives you an advantage in Google crawl rate affecting how often your site is re-indexed . Basically, the higher the PageRank is, the more frequent Google crawls your website. What do you think about this? Do you agree? Is your experience proving this?

Having higher PR helps you gain more sales, have quality guest posts and more. So websites with higher PR are considered more reliable and trusted. For instance, a recommendation given from a website with PR6 is more trusted, than a recommendation given from a PR1 website.

If you are going to sell your website, having high PR is important! For most buyers, websites with higher PR are worth many times more than websites with lower PR!

Even today, when it comes to sourcing out a duplicate content, Google takes into account website's PageRank.

Back in the old days, when Google just introduced the PageRank, it was a crucial and must- know factor if you were to check your website ranking.

Some of the uses of PageRank make us believe that PageRank is not a useless metrics when it comes to website’s ranking, it is not all, but it is an important factor, at least, for us.

Link to the sites you trust! Provide testimonial, offer discounts.
Link, link, link and get quality links!

If you think high PageRank will allow you to have high placement results in Google search results, then I must upset you. And vice verse, if you are in the top ten of the search results Google comes up with, this does not necessarily guarantee you a high Page Rank.

IMPORTANT: If you noticed a rapid lost of PR, then you probably lost high PR links to your website or you are selling links. Be aware of the Google’s guidelines .

But wait! Matt Cutts said no more update in 2013?!

As some of you know the latest update was in February and this one was really surprising as no one was expecting to have it in 2013. Especially after a tweet story where Matt Cutts confirmed that there won't be a PageRank update before 2014.


December 6th, 2013 and Google Toolbar PageRank is Updated.

We do not know whether Matt Cutts is surprised but indeed, we are and in a good way!'s Google PageRank is 5 now and we are so happy about it at Bang2Joom!

All in all, do not simply aim at raising the PageRank of your website. Instead, focus on applying best marketing tips to grow your business and you will watch the PR rise automatically.



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