Tuesday, 08 October 2013 19:22

Google Web Designer launches in Beta

Written by Gev
Google Web Designer Google Web Designer

'Bring ideas to life across screens'


This is the aim for the newly-introduced Google product which is still available in Beta – Google Web Designer. A great tool which will make your everyday tasks easier and will save you a lot of time.


Have you ever thought that it will be possible to create an interactive HTML5-based designs or motion graphics which can perfectly run on any device? Yes, absolutely any! Here it is. With Google Web Designer you are the magician who can work miracles in less time and with less effort.


Responsive on all screens

This is a call from Google Web Designer! No more wasting time to make everything you create responsive. Google Web Designer makes it responsive  for you thus allowing your website to engage more visitors regardless the type of devices they are using to browse it. This is really important, especially nowadays, with many people using their smartphones or tablets to browse on the go. Make use of this!


Design or Code? Or maybe both?

You do not have to worry about implementation of your fabulous design into life. Google Web Designer will do it for you, take your time for creating art and making it super brilliant. 



Features, features, features

We could not resist the temptation and downloaded the Beta version to check it out! Here are some of the features to be noted.


There are two animation modes available: Quick and Advanced. So if you want to create the animations one by one, use the Quick mode. Google Web Designer will take care of the framing part. If you want to animate every single one individually and play more with the frames, then you need Advanced mode.

It's really hard to keep on coding as you do not really see the result until you are done. With Google Web Designer, you can switch between Design View and Code View while working. Code, switch back and see the changes in you design.


Google Web Designer has also got a full arsenal of illustration tools which are built in. It has also got a Tag tool for the picky ones so that they can create their own.


Last but not the least is the chance that Google Web Designer gives you to build ads for DoubleClick and AdMob. This is, indeed, the main key for launching Google Web Designer. Google mentioned that with this tool they aim to ease the advertisers' lives by helping them easily create ad banners which will fit to any screen. Google Web Designer allows you to create HTML5 sites as well, but this is just the beginning. As Google said they will expand the limits and make more features available in the coming updates.


Dreaming about being a cool guy who can create web art on his own? 

Google Web Designer gives you the chance to be one! Try it!


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