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Great Design Converts

Written by Andy Nathan
Web Design Tips for Better Conversion

10 Design Tips to Increase Conversions

The power of a great website design should not be underestimated. In fact, great design converts many prospects into clients. The right layout, feel, and look can attract and convert quality visitors to your site.

However, great design does not just happen. Create a plan for your website to convert. Most sites take many months of planning just to get started, and then another few months to do proper testing to see what the best conversion rates.

Let’s look at some tips to help you improve the process!

Does above the fold matter?

Kissmetrics reported on a split test done by the Boston Globe on their website. Based on the numbers, there was no difference between an above the fold and below the fold call to action. Most people need to build a relationship with the Globe before moving forward, and do not purchase right away.

Therefore, interested prospects will scroll down and learn more. Passing visitors are not likely to purchase either way. That means, focusing on creating valuable content will increase your conversions, whether above or below the fold.

The image is vital to your success.

Did you know that when a pretty, professional woman is shown in a photo, men are 4.5% more likely to respond? Beer companies for sure knew that!
The right image can do wonders for your business. Make sure your image is relevant to your business, and not a random stock photo.

Note: Ensure your image faces the text or call to action. Images should support the content, not dominate the page.

Usability testing is important.

Use services like GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, and Pingdom to evaluate your websites speed and effectiveness. Next, check out how your site looks like across the web in different browsers with Browser Shots.

Stop using Sliders and Carousels at the top of your site.

A case study done on the Notre Dame website, demonstrated that sliders result in a paltry 1% conversion rate.

Sliders tell your website visitors that you are not sure what services you offer that are valuable. Furthermore, people don’t like the fact that they start to read some information only to see the information change as they get to the good point. They will not wait 15-30 seconds to finish reading the sentence and find your call to action.

Test your call to actions!

Speaking about why you do not use carousels, make sure you test your calls to action. We know that website sliders don’t work because researchers tested the idea. You need to do the same with your business. Which works better: a website button or a text link? Maybe you provide a phone number? How about a contact form? Should it be shorter or longer? Do your prospects respond to "click here" or "check out this information?"

Find out the best way to convert your customers and you can become better at driving in traffic and determining your ad budget.

Create lots of white space.

The best width for your content is between 520 and 550 pixels.This gives you enough space to write dynamic content and still not overcrowd the page.

Include a clear navigation bar.

Place the navigation bar either at the top of the page under the header or at the bottom of the site. Otherwise, your customers will not understand how to navigate your site. Also, do not include every single page on the navigation bar. If you need a drop down menu on the navigation bar for sub-topics that is ok. You should not have more than 4-6 primary menu items, otherwise visitors will be overwhelmed with options.

Make sure to utilize social proof.

No one wants to be the only person duped by your services. Instead, you have to prove that your business is loved and used by many people. For newbies this can be challenging.
This is why you want to create connections on social media, and build partnerships with others who can talk about your virtues. The more testimonials you can offer and case studies you can show, the more clients will believe in your services.

Use multiple landing pages.

Hubspots’ research on businesses found that business websites with over 40 landing pages received 12 times more leads than those with 1 to 5 landing pages.

Your clients are not identical twins to each other. That means, you will have to come up with different lead capture methods for different clients. For example, a cleaning service might want two landing pages. One for those who do not have time to clean themselves, and a second page for people with kids and cannot keep their house clean. Both groups of people need the same service, but they have vastly different needs. With multiple landing pages, you can market your services to your clients in a more targeted manner.

Make sure your colors fit your market.

Were you aware that blue has a calming effect on people? You might have guessed that red inspires passion and aggression. Conversely, white is purity and good. Colors make a remarkable difference in your website conversions. Too many colors, and your prospects will be scared away. Too bland, and they will bounce off your site too early. Part of the reason, why the vast majority of successful tech companies and banks use white backgrounds with blue or red accents is because they work.

Stray too far from the norm, and you will scare prospects away. When you are testing your site, make sure to also test for different colors that work for your prospects.

Bonus: Keep Your Pages Simple: When Choice is demotivating: Can one desire too much of a good thing? is a study by Columbia professor Sheena S. Iyengar about how too many choices in a commercial setting might not be good for business. Instead, providing prospects with one clear choice makes it easy for them to decide: yes or no. Less confusion is better for conversions.

Why Great Design Converts?

Designing a great website that converts is hard work. You must spend time building up the team who can make sure every part of your website provides the right experience for your visitors. This means making sure you discover as much information as possible form your prospects.


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