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Happy B-Day to B2J First Component!

Written by Gev
It's here! Happy B-Day to B2J First Component! It's here! Happy B-Day to B2J First Component!

It's here! Designed by talented B2J developer Hovo, Leo developed this super extended and multifunctional contact component – B2J Contact component. As this is our first component Bang2Joom decided to make it non-commercial as a gift to all Joomla! users! ;)


The great news is that this totally free contact component is going to be released really soon. I had a sneak peak and will share some great things I found out about B2J Contact component.

A few clicks and this great component is installed smoothly in my Joomla! 3 and seems like I get a bonus – the component comes with a module! ;)

First of all, it has got an amazing user-friendly UI! These nicely located parts are differentiated with some sweet colors which are just so pleasing to the eye. So here we go, these parts are:







In the BASIC OPTION section you can set General and mail options/Joomla! messenger.

DEFAULT FIELDS in its own breaks into the following parts with each being super customizable:

 Page Display Options

 Field Labels

 Sender Name and Email Address

 Text Fields

 Dropdown List Fields

 Text Area


 Submit Button

 Reset Button


DYNAMIC FIELDS are a great choice if you are aiming to create your custom form, be it a survey or just another contact form.

EVENTS section consists of 2 parts. First, make the appropriate customization to the text to be displayed when the event occurs. Here you can use HTML tags as well. And the second part gives you a chance to send a copy to the submitter.

The last but probably the most important section is SECURITY! This has Classic Captcha and Anti Spam fields for you to fill in.


What I liked more!

This Bootstrap based and super responsive B2J Contact component is Joomla! 3 ready!

B2J Contact component is a very easy to use Joomla! component for creating forms with extensive professional functions. B2J Contact component is thus ideally suited for beginners and also meets the needs of designers and experts.


This powerful component enables the Joomla! users to set audio, video, document/ word/ PDF upload and it passes validation. Another great thing is that Joomla! users can set text fields' widths manually by px or %.

This FREE component is super easy to configure. Besides getting this Joomla! 3 ready and responsive B2J Contact component, you also get:


Supports Joomla! 3.0

Access to our free extension support system

Unlimited access to free updates

All features shown on the Demo



What we aim with this component

What we aim with this component is to bring alternative to Chrono Forms, Pro Forms, Breezing Forms and give wider choice to Joomla! users.

Version 1.1 will be released soon however if you are impatient just like me, have a look at Beta version used on Food Mood template.

Stay tuned till it gets released! Download and enjoy this mighty component and give us your feedback, please, in the form of bug remarks and new feature requests!


Either you want to make a survey or simply create a simple contact form, B2J Contact component is a great choice!


We strive to provide you with the best Joomla! solutions!


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