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Hello B2J Academy - Joomla Education Template

Written by Gev
B2J Academy template for education


Education is the key to success! People are learning and learning and learning all their life. Our whole life is a school. Sure, we also have breaks between high school and college then grad school. But all in all, every second of our life is spent on learning something new even if we do not realize it.

And where and how do we learn to learn? Educational institutions, starting from kindergarten and school, are the first environments where we learn how to study and learn.

With an internet world as we have now, everything goes viral and the education is not an exception.

I have been previously working in an IT company which aimed at implementing IT in education and the project was successful! You ask why? Because people spend more time online and the information they need to digest should be found on net.

The parents no longer need to go to school to see the grades their children are getting, they can view it online. And when deciding upon which college to go, people no longer need to visit the college itself, just can take a virtual tour via its web site and find all the info you need.

Moreover, there are millions of people who are getting their degrees online! Study and learn whenever and wherever convenient within distance online. For example, Coursera, a great educational platform which is ONLINE and which will provide you with the great courses from such institution as Duke University.


The B2J Academy is a Joomla template which will ideally present your educational institution making education accessible through Web. Start developing you Joomla site for any kind of educational institution including universities, academies, elementary and high schools with B2J Academy!

Worried about getting potential students interested? The design speaks for itself. And the great user experience is guaranteed with its user friendly layout. And of course, responsiveness - We also cared for those browsing your website from any devices. They are sure to get the most out of your website!

All B2J templates are based on T3 framework, which is a Template Framework built with Bootstrap & LESS.

After installing a template or a quickstart package you will find yourself mastering this template easily! B2J Academy template’s layout is very customizable.

Extensions used!

B2J Aquarius Layer Slider, Google Map module, B2J Count Down module, B2J News Loader module, B2J Calendar for K2 module, AC Mailing module for subscription, B2J Contact module used for ‘CONTACT US’, Flicker Module for PHOTO ALBUM, B2J Social Sharer plugin and many other mod_menus and custom HTML modules are included in this fully equipped template. All of these extensions are pre-installed and configured in the quickstart of the B2J Academy.

This educational Joomla template comes with specific module classes which can be found in the B2J Academy Documentation.

Template Layout

As mentioned this Joomla 3 ready template is really extended and enhanced with great joomla extensions. It starts with great homepage which one of the two versions available for you to choose from. Then comes 'Academy' which branches out to Partners, Our Professors and Our Students. These are the pages where you can perfectly introduce to your institution’s background and history and provide information on professors and students.

‘Courses’ displays various K2 items: ART, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, and on mouse click it takes the user to a K2 Single Item view.

There are many K2 category views one of which is the 'Blog'. It shows all the K2 items from the relevant category. Another category view is 'Gallery! Yes it is, the trick is it only fetches photos and tabs assigned to the Gallery category. For the ‘Community’ we have used a great Joomla extension – Kunena forum.

Under the 'Pages' various webpages can be found such as different K2 views used for this template, typography, module variation as well as 404 page, study abroad page educational tourism page, users and contacts. On the top of the template there are options for the user to 'Sign up', 'Log in', 'Search' anything or simply find what they need alphabetically with 'A to Z' menu.
You will definitely find more exciting options and functions in this template so, feel free to check out the Demo.

B2J Academy is a great responsive Joomla template that can be used for schools, educational sites, as well as others!

Simply choose your favourite B2J plan from our Pricing or purchase the template separately and start building your institutional website and learn and learn and learn more!

B2J Academy - your gateway to the future!


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