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Hello Bootstrap 3.0!

Written by Gev
Hello Bootstrap 3.0 Hello Bootstrap 3.0

After a long journey of testings of beta versions, reported bugs and contributed code, 1,600 commits, 72,000 additions/deletions and 300 changed files, Bootstrap 3.0 got finally released on July 29th to celebrate its 2nd birthday.


What's the Bootstrap? *For newbies

Twitter Bootstrap framework includes HTML/CSS templates with all its interface components, and it also has got Java Extensions. It is a massive tool to create web applications.

I would tell you more but I am too excited to talk about new great features. So, you are more than welcome to visit my blog post on "Twitter Bootstrap is becoming Joomla! Bootstrap?" and get some basic understanding of this great front-end development framework. And hey! Do not forget to get back here afterwards to learn about what Bootstrap 3 has got for you.


What's new for geeks?

Bootstrap 3 - totally rewritten and redesigned


Here we go:

Amazing new flat design,

Mobile first & responsive,

Brand new Customizer,

Better box model by default,

Super-powered grid system,

Rewritten JavaScript plugins,

New Glyphicons icon font,

More consistent base and sizing classes, overhauled Nav. bar and a lot more.


As mentioned, Bootstrap 3 has totally been redesigned and rebuilt to be accessible for larger audience no matter what device they use, it will fit in your screen size smoothly so that you can enjoy the new neat flat design.

New flat design is neat, however, if you are not into this flat design concept, there is also an optional theme just for you! The new grid is significantly simplified, with fluid grid system, layout and container combined in one grid - responsive, mobile-first, fluid grid system. It has got four tiers of grid classes – xs (phones), sm (tablets), md (desktops), and lg (larger desktops).

Glyphicons got restored in font format and now they include 40 new glyphs. Some components, like panel and list groups, have been added, some, got replaced like accordion with collapsible panels, and some – removed. New documentation, a lot of new documentation has been added! No support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 3.6 any longer. For more on browser compatibility read the documentation.

If your website is not responsive, no worries, the documentation comes to help here too. Some magic extra CSS and here we go, you have disabled the responsive features.

New lightweight Bootstrap 3.0 - less customization and CSS overrides to create what you want!



What does this mean for us?

Great things will come soon!

Being part of a great T3 Joomla! template framework which has integrated Bootstrap from the start, we are extremely excited for this new version. T3 framework will upgrade its Bootstrap version to 3.0 which means all of the Joomla templates will probably be upgraded to Bootstrap 3 as well. Stay tuned for more!


Too excited to try? Click here to go to download page.

Hello Bootstrap 3.0 and welcome to the family!


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