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Hot Joomla! restaurant templates

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom blog: Hot Joomla! restaurant templates Bang2Joom blog: Hot Joomla! restaurant templates
So, here it is! An amazing bunch of J! templates for restaurants with delicious food and for cafes with tempting aroma are calling you to try and feel.

Pasta & Ravioli

This template features a huge resolution, colorful illustration, a fashionable background imitating the wooden fence...mmmm... Pasta & Ravioli is tempting us to go for Italian food tonight!

This template is also super responsive allowing users to enjoy it on all screens, including tablets and smartphones.

A great template if you own an Italian-style restaurant and want to present it on the web!


Gavick PRO have created a food and restaurant premium Joomla 2.5 template - Coffe!

"Feel the taste and flavor of the essence of food delivered! Give your customers accurate reflection of services provided." This template is great for any users intending on showcasing their coffee shops online allowing them to have a perfectly neat coffee website with all its aroma. It's a super user-friendly template which enables customers to book a room or check the menu!


The history in Italy of pasta cooked and seasoned with a sauce can be traced as far back as the Etruscans (900 B.C.) But, this PASTA, is totally new and great!

What catches eyes at first glance? The curly pasta images which are just a great pleasure to one's eyes (reinforcing my need to eat Italian tonight)! A four-part showcase presents pictures, which pull out text content, once the cursor is on them. The template has useful back-to-top and social media buttons, which improve usability of the website interface. Also one of the most important advantages is the responsive web design. The general look is modern and pleasing to the eye – great for any restaurant.


Coffee lovers, line up! Here is another great template for you - Black & Brown Coffee Shop Joomla! Template by Alexa!

This features a nice design, high-quality art work, advanced configuration – and this is just the beginning! It has also got a blogging area, so can also be used for many other purposes. Get all the feature review of the products and services and enjoy this stunning Joomla! template!


"Our new template is the best solution while creating bar, restaurant, coffee shop, as well as, pizzeria websites. It is also possible to build a small online store with K2 Store component help, thanks to which you may increase your sales by letting your customers order food online."

Another great one from Gavick PRO is Restaurant Joomla! 2.5 & 3.0 template!

Its unique design and great features allow users relax and surf the website with delight! They can get the needed info, look for recipes, add some and enjoy more with this amazing template – Restaurant!

_______________________________________________________________________________________ Update: Our restaurant template called "Food Mood" built around K2 component has been released on May 13, 2013. Reservation forms, good looking menus and a lot of other features for your needs! Here is the DEMO. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Restaurants, cafes, bars, pizzerias, food - Joomla! Gourmets enjoy this list of delicious Joomla! templates! Add some great ones I missed in your comments!

As you see, Joomla has options for any sort of restaurant website, with great features and designs. The options don't stop here, though! And the best news is that our team are in the process of putting together our own spin on a Restaurant Template. Stay tuned over the next month for more information about this!


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