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How to Build a Business Website with Joomla - Top Guidelines

Written by Andy Nathan
How to Build Business Website with Joomla

Joomla has long been known as one of the pioneering platforms that helped transform websites forever in the early part of the 21st century. Their open source platform enabled millions of websites to sprout up on the web. Small to medium businesses particularly benefited from Joomla’s Content Management System (CMS).

Using this simple tool they were able to create websites for their business and share their vision with the world. Now the platform is aiming for a new audience. This time it is about helping larger, corporate clients who need a more robust platform. Joomla is finally at the point where they have the ability to do that.

Last month, Bang2Joom founder and president Gev Balyan, was a speaker at Joomla Day Russia. His presentation touched on the issue of what that type of site should look like as well as how to accomplish that for your own website. We have extracted the most important highlights from the presentation to help you plan your actions when building a business website with Joomla.

Five Things You Need to Create a Quality Enterprise Level Joomla Site

1. Branding

You must be conscientious of how you implement your company’s branding. Most corporations will have existing graphics, colors and typography that you have to base the site around. Make sure you take their current logo design into consideration. The right designers will be able to work around an existing logo and color scheme.

As Gev mentioned at Joomla Day conference, “the right design makes a huge difference to our clients. That is why we include 2 designer layouts of the home page for each client. This gives our clients the chance to choose. We let them choose the design that works best for them.”

This means that your designer must understand typography, design implications on coding, color theory as well as marketing and psychological elements that go into creating an impressive and effective design. The smallest change can make a lasting impression in the mind of the client.

2. Choosing the Right Components

The reason so many enterprises use Joomla for their websites is because the CMS has so many options that work well for an international audience. For example, we use the T3 Framework, because it is stable platform where we can design top-notch website. Specifically, the T3 Framework Bootstrap 3 is great for creating a mobile responsive site that enterprises need to display their website properly on multiple devices. Furthermore, our e-commerce clients like K2Store extension. K2 Store allows users to create a store with an unlimited product catalog, multiple product variations/options and multiple currency choices.

Next, many enterprise companies cater to an international audience. Use proper extensions for multilingual websites to offer localized content for an international market.

Finally, do not forget to install Sh404SEF for improved search engine optimization. From basic SEO maintenance to 404 redirect abilities to social media integration and more, Sh404SEF can help any enterprise with their search engine marketing.

3. Project Management

Working on an enterprise site through Joomla requires many people to make it work successfully. That is why you will need a project management tool. Bang2Joom uses Asana for their task based project management tool. You can also have clients register and provide you with updates, bug reports and ideas for user experience improvements.

4. Test

To have an enterprise website you need to test the site to ensure that it can make through the most stringent website visitors. This means you need to test every aspect of the site before it goes live. Test the links, test the copy, and test the design. You will be surprised how small changes in a website can lead to large gains.

5. Hosting

If you want an enterprise site on Joomla, you should avoid using shared hosting. Your site should be using a dedicated server or at a minimum a Virtual Private Server (VPS). You can get basic VPS service for as low as $10 per month. Using dedicated or VPS hosting provides you with a stable, fast website.

Hungry for more tips? Then watch Gev's talk on Joomla Day Russia!

Gev Balyan, Enterprise Level Website (Joomladay Russia 2014) from Valery Sokolov on Vimeo.


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