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How to Design a Logo - Top Tips and Resources on Logo Design

Written by Ani Avdalyan
Top Logo Design Tips

Have you ever tried to tell a long story in a few words? It’s difficult. The same goes for your logo where you must convey your brand with only a visual element.

A logo can make or break your brand’s identity. The very first time your customers see it, their brains starts computing: Are you reliable and likeable? Are you worth their attention? What is your status? What are your values?

In order to generate positive feelings towards your brand, it is important to invest time in the perfect design. First impressions are important, so be sure to make a good one.

Below you can find my tips on how to make an outstanding logo design:

#1 Your Logo Should Be More Than Just "Good-Looking"

Obviously, your logo must be pleasant-to-the-eye. However, designing your logo only with aesthetics in mind may send a wrong message about your company. A good logo will convey your company’s identity and values.

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#2 Put Meaning into It!

You should be able to explain every detail and element used in your logo. Don’t use colors, elements and fonts just because you personally like them. Ideally, your logo should convey an intended message. Some logos contain hidden meanings as well which instantly engage their audience. So, be creative and memorable!

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#3 Your Logo Should Rock On All Mediums

Ensure your logo looks good both online and when printed on different surfaces. The best practice is to start creating your logo in monochrome, which is the black and white version of your logo that does not contain any tones or shades other than 100% black. If you start crafting your logo in full color, it may not be readable and identifiable if you ever need to print it in b&w. Oftentimes logos printed on unusual surfaces, such as wood or plastic, look better in b&w.

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#4 Size Matters!

Your logo should be able to look good no matter what size it is. If you have too many details on your logo, you may lose some of the elements when shrinking it. To maintain a recognizable logo at any size, make sure to keep it simple.

+Bonus Tip: Creating a favicon (a little logo that appears in the corner of the address bar in a web browser) is a great way to test if your logo is clear when scaled down.

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#5 Forget About Trends!

Have you seen a company which changes its logo often? I bet the answer is no! Trends that are fashionable today may go out of date quickly, so it’s important to create a timeless logo. To achieve longevity just remember that greatness lies in simplicity. Simplicity is always trending.

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#6 Think Out-of-the-Box

There is no rule that states a real estate company’s logo needs to include "a house" and a bookstore’s logo should include a “book”. Use your imagination to find creative and unusual solutions!

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#7 Relevancy Rules!

Keep the design appropriate to the situation. Fancy fonts and funky colors are good for entertainment companies, while they may look ridiculous on other businesses’ logos. So, take your company’s values and identity into consideration when designing!

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

#8 Search for Inspiration in the Right Places

Endlessly surfing the web in search of logo inspiration is not a good idea. The overload of information causes panic and prevents you from concentrating. Better switch off the computer, take a pencil and a blank sheet of paper and use the best inspirational source you have: your own imagination.

Recently our friends at ucraft have launched their free logo maker tool integrated with The Noun Projects icons. This logo maker app is free to use, so you may export a high resolution logo in minutes and use it anywhere - on your website, Facebook page or even on printed media! Good luck!

Here is a collection of resources and advice on logo design that I’ve found to also help you on your journey to creating the perfect logo.

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