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How to write appealing blog titles

Written by Ani Avdalyan
How to write appealing blog titles How to write appealing blog titles

Have you chosen a title for your next blog post? If not, then be sure to check out the tips I am going to reveal for writing effective blog titles.


When it comes to blogging there are plenty of ideas to make the reader click on your blog title to come and read your story. Let's imagine you really have an appealing content, however, this is not enough, believe me. What to do to master the art of catching readers' attention and to be noticed among the others who have the same aim? There are plenty of answers and ideas, but the prettiest one is sometimes underestimated. It's about the first thing your potential readers will notice, yes, you are right, the title. The idea is to craft magnetic titles for your blog posts, which will spark the interest in readers and keep them hooked from the very beginning. Let's take time to reveal the mystery of choosing the right titles for blog posts together and generate some clues to ensure success while writing a blog!


#1 Crafting the title, think twice


Even if you have got a title idea before writing a post, never rush to choose the final version. The main purpose of title is to describe what you have written to the reader, to show its importance. Though describing something that doesn't exist yet or is still unfinished is possible, however, believe me, it is really hard. Thus, it makes sense to review the initial title again or think of a new one when the blog post or article is finished.


#2 Identify the needs


When people visit a blog, they secretly hope it will satisfy their needs. It may be a need for breathtaking news, interesting discoveries or how-to info. The strategy is the following - Take time to research what your readers want to know and what they are searching for. And just make some efforts to choose the best title which will be promising for the visitor to go on reading a worthy content underneath.


#3 Be interactive


Practice and statistics show that most visited blog posts have either questions or call to actions in their titles. Try to interact with your potential readers! Keep in mind the practice of worldwide known advertisers. They ask a few questions like ''Do you wanna be on top?'', ''Do you want to taste the best coffee in your town?" to which the customer may give some feedback, more likely, a positive one. And after the positive feedback and interaction the customer is sure to take some action. It is simple, isn't it? But it works! So make your title work like an advertisement. Interact with your reader like you would talk to your friend.


#4 Never overdo


Try to keep the titles perfectly matching the post or article. Choosing a super-attractive title for a so-so article will make your readers leave and never come back. Try not to disappoint your readers and offer them a worthy content. Remember, a satisfied reader is the most powerful tool to get new ones within this era of different social media platforms. Recommendation of a friend nowadays works better than million dollars spent on annoying advertisements.


#5 Remember to be SEO friendly


Here comes the most important thing. Practicing title-creating techniques, be sure that the title is SEO friendly enough, though keep in mind, you are creating for users, not for engines. Engines will crawl your title and see if your content is relevant and worthy to display to users. Keep it short and to the point. Think like a reader. Though some funny and creative titles can attract a reader, posts with these title types may remain undiscovered due to little probability of being searched.


#6 Be yourself


Last but not least is that just having enough patience to read all these advices till the end will not magically generate worthy titles for your posts. Never take it as a must, try to be creative and outstanding. Maybe your key to success will be breaking the general rules not following them.


Above all, the experience is the best teacher. Get inspired, experiment with titles, observe the results, and struggle for perfection! And of course do not forget to share your invaluable experience with us!


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