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Hummingbird - new birdie in Google?

Written by Gev
Google new birdie - Hummingbird Google new birdie - Hummingbird

'Humming Birds are the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards. They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings, which sometimes sounds like bees or other insects.' 


These are some really interesting facts about humming birds from Wikipedia. However, Wiki does not seem to know the new Hummingbird which is going to be a really popular birdie in the IT world. Yes, Google has a new algorithm change – Hummingbird! Sounds furious, doesn't it?

Happy 15, Google!

It was back in 1998, when Page and Brin started a company which we call Google today in the garage of Susan Wojcicki who is now the senior Google executive.

"Hummingbird gave us an opportunity after years of building to rethink how we use the power of these things," noted Amit Singhal, Google senior vice president. He added up that Hummingbird is more about indexing.

Google's new search algorithm

So when you start your search on , you actually search some keywords to get the best matches for your request. Google gets the information and tries to come up with the best answers. Now with this new search algorithm Google gets the information, digests it, thinks and tries to get the meaning of your questions and gives you the best possible results.

Hummingbird – The most intelligent Google search algorithm!

Why Hummingbird?

The www has already reacted to the names of the animals that are used for the Google search algorithms with infographics and even tried to guess the possible namings for the coming updates. Hummingbird is as precise and fast as the bird itself. So here are what characterize this new search algorithm.

When did that happen?

Well, Google started it some months ago, so if you have not noticed any changes in your website's analytics, calm down. You passed the test.

This has happened really fast and no one really noticed. Hummingbird is a totally new search engine which has inherited some features from the Panda and Penguin and other updates. It is new product with just some flavors remained from the past.

One of the features that is still present in Hummingbird is PageRank. Hummingbird does take into account the Page Rank factors just like before.


So, what's new?


Few technical details are revealed as for now, so here are some of them.


Hummingbird is SMART!

Hummingbird brings about intelligence and it makes effort to think instead of simply matching your query on Google.


Let's say I am searching "Any online shopping places to get a hoodie from the American Eagle?" What Google would do is to try finding the words which match these words for instance - American Eagle, hoodie. With Hummingbird it tries to get the meaning not to simply match. It may try to find some ecommerce websites that sell American Eagle products. It may also try to find online shopping websites that sell hoodies.

So, conversation and the meaning behind your query have become important.

Conversational Search is a great part of this new algorithm change which changes the traditional way of searching for things: you ask your question instead of typing.


One of the greatest thing that Hummingbird brought is Knowledge Graph with more enhanced comparison features and filters. So impress your friend with your in-depth knowledge about your favourite country by simply asking Google a question. Or compare the rates for Dollar and Euro. Whatever you want, ask Google!


Instead of treating you with some refreshment and offering a homepage for the website, Google will actually find the particular webpage for your Google search.


Hummingbird - positive or negative change?


No one really made a noise about this update. To recall the Panda update back in February 2011, many will remember it with a sigh, as some websites got penalized for keyword stuffing. What's up with Hummingbird? This Google search algorithm brought a positive change that's why nobody really noticed the change.


The tips for having a great SEO-driven website have not indeed changed. So focus on the things you used to focus. No worries to panic for the SEO part.


All in all, Hummingbird is a replacement of the old search algorithm whereas some past updates like Panda, Penguin and others have been just some add-ons to the past algorithm.



Have not noticed any traffic loss or PageRank new stats?  

Chill, this Google birdie loved your website! 


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