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Intelligent Contact Webpage: How To's

Written by Gev
Intelligent Contact Webpage: How  To's

Contact pages are the last things you do and apparently pay attention to when you start designing and developing your website, aren't they?


Yes, you are unfortunately not the only one. Moreover, you fall into a major category of those who just do not care a lot about the contact pages on their websites. Why? This is the webpage that will drag your visitors or make them change their minds to contact you! Get the best out of your contact page, because it can be crucial for your business? Plus, it also affects your website's SEO.



How? Read on!

You are probably thinking: "Oh! C'mon... just create a standard contact page from your Joomla! administration and that's it!"
No, No and again No! This is the destination when a user, the potential client finally makes the decision to get in touch with you! So, make them fall in love with your contact page and appeal them with well-designed and well-thought contact page! However, do not go over. Just make sure you help them keep the focus on the main parts, on the message you want to deliver. 

How your website displays your contact page can and will affect your SEO!

It improves the conversion rate and affects your website's SEO, which eventually leads to big changes for your business. Think thoroughly, wisely and give individual approach. Think of any person who can contact you, starting from an intern up to a businessman wanting to cooperate.

First thing you should do is make it simple. Exactly, get rid of the unnecessary fields in your contacts and boost your website's conversion rate!

Little things matter, so make your contact form user friendly. And by saying user friendly, I mean it. Do not ask for too much detailed or personal information, some people like me, quit filling the form right there! Stop it! What information is the necessary? Ask for that!


Give your users a choice. Your question may be too general, include some possible variants for answers that you expect and leave a field in case they need to express their own case. Use "help" texts, have some hints or examples of the answers, so the user clearly can see what information you are expecting to get from them.


Nowadays, it is a must and one should have responsive website so that those who browse your website from mobile, will have no problems as well. Make sure, your contact page is displayed properly on mobile devices as you do not want your visitors fill in all the information and accidentally click on 'Quit' because 'Quit' and 'Submit' buttons were too closely situated on the mobile or you did not care to make the 'Submit' button visually highlighted.


Put some alert signs for the cases when the user writes not a valid email or website URL, so he/she can immediately catch it visually and correct.

Think about having some alternative ways to fill in the information - Say, having a voice option? Think of the issues handicapped people might be experiencing. Think of the needs your users will have and eliminate every single thing that will drag them away from your website!

Design and develop your contact page with SEO in your mind to make your visitors' user experience on your website smooth and watch the conversion rate go up!

All in all, show that you care for your users, take time to create an intelligent contact webpage!


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