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Introducing Codextrous

Written by Gaurav Jain
Introducing Codextrous

Hello Folks !!!
We are very pleased to introduce us to you. Codextrous is not merely a company for us, it's a way to contribute in the world of Open Source. From past 6 years we are working with open source technologies and still we see enormous possibilities yet to explore and millions of great things to build on top of this. So in this journey of fulfilling our desire by developing quality extensions you guys will be getting treat of wonderful extensions to try and grow your business.

There is another news for you, we have acquired all the Bang2Joom extensions and templates. From now on Codextrous team will look into all these extensions and templates. We will maintain these extensions and templates and provide support of these. We will introduce new features and enhancement in these over the period of time. Taking the first step towards it, we are announcing the extension support and maintenance. You can check our product page where all the supported extensions are listed. Templates are also in our roap-map and we will be releasing those soon.

Bang2Joom Introduction

Bang2Joom is a well known name in the world of Joomla!. You guys must be using some of their extension or templates on your site. You might have heard the news that Bang2Joom is moving to You can check this blog for more details about Bang2Joom future plans.

What’s in here for the subscribers?

Well we will be providing support to all those subscribers who had purchased subscription within 1 year at Bang2Joom. Since these extensions and templates were freely available on bang2joom site from past 8 months, so we can not provide support to free subscribers. If you wish to avail the benefit of support and updates then you need to purchase membership. You can refer the pricing page for more details about it.

Let us know your concerns and queries, we will be happy to answer.
Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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