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IT elections: Romney vs Obama

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: IT elections: Romney vs Obama Bang2Joom Blog: IT elections: Romney vs Obama
The US presidential race has been the most intense in history. The two candidates were debating the hottest issues. The result of the elections: Obama is re-elected!

However, our IT elections are not over yet at Bang2Joom. Let's see who is ahead based on different factors of the websites and, of course, taking into account the social media factor.

Stats by Alexa traffic rank

According to the statistics summary of by global Alexa traffic rank, this website is particularly popular among users in the city of Salt Lake City, who mostly share Romney's Mormon beliefs. This website's users tend to be over the age of 45, and they tend to be higher-income men browsing from school and home who have no postgraduate education. There are approximately 7,786 sites linking to it. The Load Time is average (1.574 Seconds), 56% of sites are faster. 1 out of 3 people would recommend this site to a friend. The only positive review about is that the website is fast and responsive.

On the contrast, 's audience tends to be Caucasian; it also appeals more to higher-income, childless, moderately educated women over the age of 45. There are over 18,740 sites linking in. The load time is average (1.564 Seconds), 56% of sites are faster. 3 out of 8 people would recommend this website to a friend. The positive feedbacks about this website are good content, good deals, good customer support, active community, easy to navigate, site is fast and responsive. It also has got negative reviews: poor customer support, hard to navigate, website is slow and unresponsive.

Does speed and responsive design really matter?

Now what concerns the speed time and also which website is responsive, which is not.

Here are the results of both websites browsed using iPhone 4s with Safari browser. The picture is:

Connection (homepage)
Wifi - 5.836 sec
3G - 21.309 sec (homepage)
Wifi - 6.872 sec
3G - 21.719 sec

Social Media overview

Let's have a look at both candidates' facebook & twitter accounts and judge by the current online activity in social media.

Obama's Facebook page has more than 32,501,856 "likes" and 2,628,859 people "talking" about it. Romney's page has a mere 12,130,316 "likes" (however, more than 2,521,110 people were "talking" about it).

On Twitter, Obama is far ahead of Romney:

Obama on Twitter

Tweets - 7,929
Following - 670,762
Followers- 22,477,118

Romney on Twitter

Tweets - 1,350
Following - 274
Followers - 1,773,882

In fact, Obama broke both a twitter and a facebook record for highest number of re-tweets and likes for a picture of himself hugging his wife with the words "Four more years" by an Armenian-American photographer Scout Tufankjian, after his re-election victory. The cut down is huge here.

Summing up the IT campaigns

From a user's perspective, Obama's website has a more responsive design. Having a look at both candidates' websites on my phone, the images and buttons on are clear, whereas, for instance, the splash page for is too low-res.

We know that the website's speed has a great impact on customers. Politics is no exception to this. Romney's page first loads the outer content, leaving the banner call to action (which is the most important content on the page) to load last, at around 12 seconds.

So, the question is - Who will win the IT elections?

Taking into account all that have been said, my guess is Obama wins again!


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