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J and Beyond!13

Written by Gev
J and Beyond! J and Beyond!

Joomla! lovers, ATTENTION, please! J and Beyond which is one of the biggest Joomla events is back for the 4th year! Plan to spend 3 heated days full of Joomla - from May 31st to June 2nd!


Many Joomla! addicts from various countries, continents will be driving and flying to Noordwijkerhout, which is close to Amsterdam, to be part of this great Joomla event! Noordwijkerhout is very convenient if you are thinking of taking a plane, as it is 25km away from Schiphol airport.


The program seems appealing! You should not miss interesting presentations from such Joomla! - smart keynote speakers, such as Pierre Joye, Chiara Aliotta, Xavier Dutoit, David Hurley, Andy Tarr, Rod Martin, Peter van Westen and many others.


J and Beyond events!


2013 J!OSCAR


Joomla! Open Source Creative and Artistic Recognition Awards 2013 will take place 4th year round during J and Beyond conference! The nominations are open, so have a look here and nominate! Shortlisted candidates will be chosen by an International Jury, which will also need to choose for two more categories "Joomla! Innovation of the year" and "Outstanding personal achievement". All those who get to attend J and Beyond will have a right to vote from the shortlist and they will announce the winners on May 31st. Just thought of nominating? You can still do it, the deadline for nominating is May 18th.

Joomla! Performance Run


Another great event especially for Joomla! enthusiasts who keep a healthy lifestyle! Start you day with Joomla Performance Run! Herman Peeren will lead this 30-minute run on Saturday and Sunday Mornings at 7.30am from the Hotel lobby. So, save some space for your running shoes in the buggage!

JAB13 Video Team


Feel like contributing? Join the JAB Video Team! Volunteers are needed to join this great team! One does not need to be skilled in videotaping, just volunteer! There will be training sessions!


What do you get? How about:


 Joomla! experience and knowledge
 your name placed in the credits of the video,
 a customized video team shirt,
 recognition at the event.

P.S. From those who cannot make it to J and Beyond (especially from Bang2Joom team) we want to extend a big thank you to the JAB13 Video Team!


Still unsure whether to be part of this great event or not? Watch this video from last year's J and Beyond and get inspired! If you can afford it, you owe it to yourself and your future with Joomla! to attend!"


You will sure take a lot home from J and Beyond! including the volumes of information you will learn and the contagious enthusiasm for Joomla! you will pick up during this event!


Get knitted within Joomla! community!


Learn and share with those who you follow, tweet with and are connected to with the help of 0's and 1's. Meet them in real Joomla! life, get in touch and make more J connections and J friends!


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