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Joom Downloads : Simplest File Management Extension for Joomla

Written by Gaurav Jain
Joom Downloads : Simplest File Management Extension for Joomla

We are extremely thrilled to present our brand new product Joom Downloads. Joom Downloads is a simple and effective solution for file / product download and release management for any Joomla based business. It is designed to fulfill basic needs of the download management system.

Inspiration behind

There is a very famous quote "Necessity is the mother of all Inventions", that's exactly what is behind the implementation of Joom Downloads. We have tried many extensions to handle product releases and file management in the past. And experiences gained with those extensions leads us to this way. Some extensions are extremely overloaded with numerous features which are not even needed when you are looking for a basic solution and complex to configure and setup. And some are lacking basic functionality.  

We have faced this situation number of times and there are many others who are facing the same. This thought lead us to create something which is capable to deliver what is required when it comes to core functionality and easy to setup without any overhead. Keeping all these things in our mind, we worked on Joom Downloads. It will fulfill all the basic desire for setting up product releases system in easiest way possible.

What’s in 1st release….

Beta version of Joom Downloads consists of product and release file management with all the download information. You can categorize products in different category, allow multiple product version files available for users. Front-end is compatible with multiple browsers, totally responsive and works smoothly with different sized devices. Joom Downloads is extremely easy and quick to setup. 

We are working on some exciting enhancements and features in the existing product which will be made available in the upcoming versions.

Joom Downloads is a paid extension but we are releasing its Beta version free to download and try. Do not miss this opportunity to give it a try. Do not use it on live site.

You can download Beta version from below link


Download Beta. It's Free !!!


We are eager to hear back your valuable feedback, it will surely help us in improving the things.




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