Wednesday, 19 October 2016 01:18

Joom Downloads 1.0 Stable : More features to try hands on

Written by Gaurav Jain
Joom Downloads 1.0 Stable : More features to try hands on

We have been evolving our products to make it better suit your business requirements. And in continuation to that our upcoming release has some exciting offerings. 


Design and define your product the way you want. Custom Fields facilitates you to explicitly specify the product parameters. You can define as many parameters you want and add those on different category and display the information on respective category products. There is as such no limitation in using the existing parameter set to display the information. 

Custom fields creation can be done from category edit screen under Fields section. All the previously created fields will be visible on the right pane, you can drag and drop any fields to add it into any product panel where you want to render that field information.  

Access Control

Access control in Joom Downloads allows you to set different permission and view-able rights to different user group. Using this feature, admin can allow different set of products for different user group, like Manager can access all the products whereas Editors are allowed to access only selected product. There is no additional installation you need to make to have this functionality up and running. There is a plugin, Joom Downloads JUsergroup, which is by default installed with the extension installation will take care access control on product. If you don’t see option to select Joomla usergroup on product edit screen, make sure that this plugin is enabled.


Integration with Article Manager

Joom Downloads is integrated with default article manager. Using this integration, you can allow one or more product release files to be listed under an article and also serve file from article page itself. There will be no redirection to product page while download or accessing the file as far as product is accessible to the logged in user. In case listed files are not accessible then user will be redirected to respective product page. With this integration, you need to do minimalist changes in your existing setup to allow file downloads from article page itself. This functionality is also plug-able, so in case you don’t want to use it or want to remove the integrate option from article page all you need to do is disable the integration plugin and all sorted.


These are some of the features that we have released recently. Go and give it a try and let us know what you feel about it. If you have any suggestion or feedback do let us know. Your opinion have always been valuable to us. Stay tuned with us.