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Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! 3 -> Extensions -> Components menu Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! 3 -> Extensions -> Components menu
Got your Joomla! 3 installed? Click on Extension manager and test the inbuilt extensions. Those boiled in Joomla! 2.5 will recognize their old buddies. You are laughing? Then you must be just a website user. Got your hands itching to try all of them? I caught you – you are the administrator dude!

Extend your Joomla! website's ability with the help of J! extensions.
Time to get introduced to J! Components!

J! Banners

It's always good to have partners so you have got to give each other a helping hand to promote and make online marketing. Having a banner is a good idea! ;)

Whether it is a custom HTML code or a graphic, you need to have a banner component in order to display advertising banners on your website. If you have too many partners, here is a good thing for you: it displays a different banner each time a website is accessed. Linking is always great. Give links via banners and get back-links. The banner component's administration is super customized per client/category.

J! Contact component

Every website needs feedback, thus you need to have a contact from. Are you monitoring the Apple company's website? Then you definitely need to have many of these forms for each of your departments, maybe even for every employee.

Simply use Joomla! contact component. ;)

J! Update

When it comes to Joomla! Update, everything is clear - you just need to make a choice as per your website needs. Joomla! automatic update system offers a vast variety to choose: long term or standard support, testing or fully customized.

J! Messaging

Some of you are probably using Skype for just sending messages with your employees working on the same project, huh? Surpise! There is an inbuilt private messaging system for backend users. You are probably thinking: "What if I need to message other users?" As long as they have an access to the administrator area, you can send and receive messages with them. The only thing with this component is that the users simply forget about this great component that can save them time and allow them interact with other users easily. Get this amazing component configured – Components –> Messages –> My Settings.

J! News feeds

Feeds, feeds, feeds

The Joomla! Newsfeeds component is an aggregator almost just like Google's reader. Collect feeds from various resources and get them published on your website. Easy - Just like that! Be aware of the latest news in Joomla! world, use Joomla! Newsfeed component.

J! Redirect component

Redirect your website visitors to a valid page, don't leave them alone when they think they have no way out. Show that you care! When the user gets 404 page on a Joomla! website the Redirect component creates a new entry in the redirect manager.

Administrators, make your life easier, read, read and again read redirects!

J! Search

Everyone is surfing the net to find what they need, so does the user just within your website boundaries. Depending on how useful the results were the possibility of revisiting your website will go up. So, what you need to have - first of all, a user-friendly website where the user will immediately see the Search button but not torture to find that little icon somewhere out of space. Then, your Joomla! website must have a J! Search. Search component comes in 2 variants: full text search and index-based search. If you don't choose, Joomla! uses a full test search by default. This component allows you narrow down your search up to categories or blog posts.

J! Smart Search

The Smart Search that originated in Joomla 2.5 has been improved in Joomla 3. You need to enable the Content Plug-In Smart Search and the five finder-Plug-Ins to enjoy this Smart Search component as it is disabled by default.

It has got auto completion and the "Did you mean" feature (stemming). The Joomla core package includes an English stemmer and the so called Snowball Stemmer that requires the Stem PHP extension and has support for 12 languages.

J! Weblinks

The nested categories system by Joomla!

No limit on a number of web link categories and web link, create as many as you wish, just assign categories to connect them! J! 3rd party extensions

Finally, if you have a bursting imagination and there is no component that you think will work for it, try finding it in the Joomla! Extension directory. Install them with the help of the Extension Manager (Extensions → Extension Manager), try adding different cool features to your Joomla! website and manage them all directly from your J! administration.

And if you do not find anything you wanted, try creating one! ;) Joomla! extensions created to extend your Joomla! website's ability!


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