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Joomla! 3 in 10 easy steps

Written by Gev
Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! 3 in 10 easy steps Bang2Joom Blog: Joomla! 3 in 10 easy steps
'Joomla! 3 in 10 Easy Steps', by Hagen Graf, is a great resource for anyone wishing to build a new Joomla! powered website, as well as for those wishing to get more knowledge about new features Joomla 3 has got to offer.

Written in easy-to-understand language, with visually explicit graphics and illustrations, this book offers a fantastic overview of the updated Joomla! experience! 'Joomla! 3 in 10 Easy Steps' is a great way to start creating your Joomla! website as you read.

Here are the 10 easy steps! Install and maintain your website powered by Joomla!

1. What is Joomla?
2. Download and Install Joomla
3. Joomla! in your language
4. Design, Layout, Colors
5. It's all about users, permissions, modules and articles
6. Create Content
7. Display Content
8. Extensions
9. Social Media and Cloud Computing
10. Common tasks

This amazing Joomla! guide helps you get a firm grasp of all the concepts even if you are a Joomla! newbie. The first parts cover everything from what Joomla is, up to how to install it. It brings out some cool features such as installing Joomla with more than one sample data, as compared to earlier Joomla! versions, or installing it without any sample data i.e. Empty Joomla! This part also gives you an idea on how to choose your needed language. Here you may choose the list of installed languages both on control panel and the website. You may also choose to override some language strings. The latter is especially useful if a few words are needed to be changed.

Then,'Joomla! 3 in 10 Easy Steps' introduces you to the new Joomla! 3 core features concerning design and layouts as we know that a good Joomla! website has to be user-friendly. The Twitter Bootstrap framework used in Joomla 3, is helpful for responsive images. The next important feature is user-groups. The author informs us about Joomla! predefined groups like author and publisher which are easy to understand.

The main focus then is targeted on content creation and display so as to have a user-friendly website. The later chapters of Joomla! 3 in 10 easy steps get into more advanced Joomla concepts, such as extensions and, of course, Social Media and Cloud Computing.

'Joomla! 3 in 10 Easy Steps' is a great tool not only for the beginners but also for Joomla! geeks to find some cool tricks to use. All told, an extremely useful and up-to-date resource which is a-must-read for Joomla! users.